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File: EquipCompare03-04-08
Problem of dispaly in the AH...
Posted By: Phaliensys
Hi, First, I regret the disappearance of this addon into Curse.... When in the Auction House, some "currently equipped" window appear on the left of the item window and then it might notr show completely... Could you please have all the time the "current equipped" window always appear on the right of the item description win...
File: SealBar01-30-08
Re: Re: Localized for French?
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Originally posted by Cilraaz If someone provides the translations, I could include them in the package. Tell me what file can I use and I'll do French Translation...
File: SealBar01-26-08
Localized for French?
Posted By: Phaliensys
Hi, Is it possible to have Sealbar localized for other languages? I can help with French...