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File: HatTrick08-09-09
Great addon
Posted By: LostOne
I really like this addon, but was curious if the bug you mention on the front page got fixed and if this addon was ever going to get an update? With it being so outdated it is unlikely to pick up new users.
File: TomTom01-17-09
Posted By: LostOne
I would love to see a TomTom plugin for Fubar to show the coordinates on the fubar rather than yet another little window covering my play area. Just a simple checkbox to click to turn it on in fubar, or a separate addon for it, whichever.
File: AuldLangSyne01-01-09
I miss this addon. It doesn't even...
Posted By: LostOne
I miss this addon. It doesn't even have a page at curse.com anymore. Anyone have a good alternative that doesn't involve a lot of bloat or extra features?
File: TomTom01-25-08
I love this addon, I've been using...
Posted By: LostOne
I love this addon, I've been using it for ages. But I have a suggestion for some features to add that I think would improve it more. Above my character I'd like to see an arrow pointing to the first waypoint (like seen in Cartographer Waypoints, but that also doesn't have the full functionality I'm looking for, at least not that I'...