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File: DuffedUI v810-18-14
Tooltip disappears
Posted By: elunalim
Having a bit of an issue with the tooltips. They will work after I login and then the tooltip will not work, I have to reload the UI for the tooltip to work again. Not sure if you're aware of an issue like this. Is there a workaround for it? Thanks -Jason
File: DuffedUI v808-12-14
Scrolling Combat Text
Posted By: elunalim
Quick question.. is there a way to turn off the scrolling combat text in DuffedUI? I've looked thru the configuration but may be overlooking it. I prefer to use XCT+ and I'm getting multiple on my UI. Been loving Duffed and Tuk for a long time Thanks... -Rednekked
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant06-18-11
Re: Re: A little problem
Posted By: elunalim
Originally posted by Torhal If you could, please file a detailed bug report here so I'll remember to take a look at it. Done!
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant06-12-11
A little problem
Posted By: elunalim
I'm having an issue with Archy in that the Digsite list will disappear as well as the undocked distance/survey button. I can't seem to get them back no matter what I do. If I remove the files out of the wtf folder it may come back but then disappear again. Anyone seen this issue and if so how can I fix it? I can't stand not havin...
File: Recipe Radar11-13-10
Re: Project Appears abandoned
Posted By: elunalim
Originally posted by Fimbul_Fambi I attempted to contact jnmiller (ladenedge) on sourceforge and at his web site "". I also sent email to the two others listed as "co-contributors" of that web site and, when I got no response, to the email addresses listed as DNS contacts for the web site. My emails simply requeste...
File: TinyDPS07-15-10
Posted By: elunalim
How's about a TinyThreat that has the same look as TinyDPS :) I use this in my Tukui. If I was a coder I'd give it a go.. unfortunately I don't have that brain capacity so I have to give ideas :) Nice mod...
File: Grid07-09-10
Awesome thanks.. didn't see it here...
Posted By: elunalim
Awesome thanks.. didn't see it here found it on Curse. thanks again!
File: Grid07-09-10
Raid Icons
Posted By: elunalim
Is there a way to show the Raid Icons on grid? Sometimes we'll slap raid icons on our tanks so we can see where they are during a fray. Is there a way to have those show on Grid? Thanks
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)07-01-10
2 bars 1 cup
Posted By: elunalim
I'm having an issue where I can't get rid of the top bar. I have one at the bottom of the screen which I have my stuff on, but there's one at the top of the screen that I'll delete and when I logout and log back on it's back at the top of the screen. Any way I can get rid of this bar permanento? Thanks and great mod! -Elun
File: Bartender401-24-10
Netbook use
Posted By: elunalim
Got a quick question I'm running wow on a small netbook off and on. I want to use BT4 in my interface but for some reason when I login after installing the add-on it doesn't show on my UI. My resolution is 1024x600 could this have anything to do with it? Other mods I have installed run fine, xperl, pminimap, chatter, opie etc....
File: Molinari10-13-09
Originally posted by ibumar I not...
Posted By: elunalim
Originally posted by ibumar I noticed that the addon is causing an area in the middle of the screen to become unresponsive to mouse clicks. The area is about the size of an action button. I got the same thing but it was caused by Producer... just in case you may have that installed. -Jason
File: GupPet06-26-09
Is there any chance to add ButtonFa...
Posted By: elunalim
Is there any chance to add ButtonFacade support?
File: TipTac06-12-09
Re: Re: Re: A dumb one but I gotta ask...
Posted By: elunalim
Originally posted by kxuhx This is an Option in blizzard BTW, make sure its still on. Detailed Tooltips I think its called? Can't seem to find that in the Interface Options.. lol
File: TipTac06-10-09
A dumb one but I gotta ask...
Posted By: elunalim
This isn't a complaint because I love this clean mod.. much better than some of the others out there. When I mouseover my buttons in my castbar at the bottom of the screen, why do I not see the details about the item I'm mousing over. For instance with Charge all I get is: "Charge Requires Battle Stance" or for Whirlwind, i...
File: BasicMinimap05-16-09
Border Color By Class
Posted By: elunalim
Nice mod, I was wondering if you could implement a check box in the border section that will allow it to color the border by your class. Just thought I'd ask.. Great job,
File: Producer05-12-09
Posted By: elunalim
I love this addon.. moved from skillet to this I find it easy to navigate and just enjoy the menu style. Though I too would like to see the ability to resize the Toon name at the top so it's not truncated... Just a thought.. This is on my favorites list.. great job!
File: Ghost: Pulse05-06-09
Nice... Innerfire
Posted By: elunalim
Ok.. I play a priest and this is the sort of thing I've been looking for for my buffs. I am having a problem with it notifying me when my inner fire has been lost. I've created a Personal Buffs Frame and added the Player Buff Fades option but when I lose inner fire I don't get a notification. When my CD is over with Mind Blast I g...
File: Molinari04-27-09
Well that's odd.. I tried it on ano...
Posted By: elunalim
Well that's odd.. I tried it on another PC that I play on and it works... this machine has the same mods and setup as the laptop. Gonna have to do more looking into this it's gotta be a conflict with another mod of some sort. Gonna have to go back thru again and disable/enable all my mods. Thanks for checking and after looking...
File: Molinari04-26-09
Very nice looking...
Posted By: elunalim
Very cool looking add-on but for some reason it's not working for me. I hold down ALT and click on the herb and nothing. I don't have the fancy animation or anything. I'm using Arkinventory as well.. but turned that off and still no go. Any ideas? Thanks
File: OPie04-19-09
Originally posted by havoc83 Hi,...
Posted By: elunalim
Originally posted by havoc83 Hi, Great addon btw, saves me so much space, But since 3.1 i am unable to add mounts to my custom Mount Ring. Below is error i get when trying to drag and drop a mount to opie interface, Interface\AddOns\OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua:357:Usage: GetCompanionInfo(type, index) Yup same here......
File: oUF_Nivaya10-03-08
Pre WotLK
Posted By: elunalim
Will this work with pre WotLK? Thanks...
File: ArkInventory06-05-08
Auto Bind on Equip
Posted By: elunalim
Is there a way to turn off the ability for Ark to remove the bypass of the "Bind on Equip" dialog? I can't seem to find a setting for it but when I try to equip a Netherweave bag the BOE dialog doesn't show. If I remove ark from my enabled mods it then shows when I equip a netherweave bag. Anyone? Please....
File: ArkInventory05-16-08
Equipping Bags
Posted By: elunalim
Could I get some help with this? I'm having an issue with equipping say netherweave bags. Since they are soulbound it should be showing me the confirmation dialog for binding the item to me. But it's not showing for me... Is there a setting somewhere in Ark to bypass this or turn it off. If I disable Ark and go back in with the...