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File: Examiner04-21-09
This is the code located in the Exa...
Posted By: roadspill
This is the code located in the Examiner + Talented fix. It does throw errors with talented from time to time though. I will see whats up with talented and see if they are working on a fix to integrate with Examiner. I was thinking though, what if you were to quickly open up the blizzard inspect, and then immediately after open...
File: Examiner04-20-09
Take a look on Curse, there is a Ta...
Posted By: roadspill
Take a look on Curse, there is a Talented + Examiner workaround. You could possibly incorporate this into your build. Essentialy what looks to be broken between the two is the fact that Talented Looks specifically at the Blizzard inspect UI where as Examiner is the new Inspect, and so it doesn't ever open for Talented to utilize. I m...
File: Examiner04-19-09
Examiner + Talented
Posted By: roadspill
I've noticed here recently with Talented that they have implamented a caching of spec's of people you inspect. But unfortunately Examiner Breaks the way things are inspected so it can't tell whats going on. any ETA on a work around or fix for this. Personally I would rather you as the creator to implament this as apposed to usi...
File: DoTimer12-18-08
Hidden Cooldowns??
Posted By: roadspill
Well I play a boomkin and the only mod out there right now that displays the hidden 30 second cooldown for the eclipse proc is SquawkandAwe, but that mod is so horrendous on the eyes I wanna just gouge them out. Is there something that I can add to your mod to display the hidden cooldown of eclipse. Basically here's what happen...
File: Ampere06-15-08
Change the name
Posted By: roadspill
You might wanna change the name of your mod. Because it does interfere with AnsweringMachinePlus.. Sorry to say.. And theirs was around longer. I'm not bagging on your mod, but wowmatrix is pissing me off trying to install over AnsweringMachinePlus with your mod. A name change is in store.
File: Clique03-10-08
Seperate Profiles within 1 profile
Posted By: roadspill
Well I've been playing with the mod for a while but it seems like its all or nothing. I really want to utilize my party frame for doing buffs and such and healing on my grid frame. Basically lets say you have a UI like so X-Perl - Raid Frames -- Utililze for Buffing and macro's Grid -- Healing -----> left click - great...
File: Clique01-29-08
Any updates soon?
Posted By: roadspill
Do you have anyplans on releasing a new version.. maybe some new additions to the mod :banana: