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File: Total RP (English version)05-18-10
Posted By: Faerina
Does this support GHI? I'll probably switch to this anyway but I'll probably wait a little. I think Gryphon Heart Items support would make it a bit more inviting also ;)
File: aTotemBar08-15-09
Posted By: Faerina
I'm running the lastest version of this addon and well when i type in the slash command it won't let me use it 2009/08/16 00:22:20-483-x1]: aTotemBar\aTotemBar.lua:83: attempt to index upvalue 'aTotemBar' (a nil value) Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3526: in function `ChatEdit_ParseText': Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:3176:...
File: Tidy Bar08-05-09
Posted By: Faerina
Awesome Thanks :D
File: Tidy Bar08-05-09
New Shaman Bar
Posted By: Faerina
So love the Addon.....one thing though....it covers up the new Shaman Totem bar....when i have the Bottom Right Bar active. Anyway of fixing it so that it jumps above it?
File: Lunar Unit Frames (Arena Edition)06-29-09
Pet Happiness/Class-Color UF
Posted By: Faerina
Is there a way to show the Pet Happiness icon? Also is there a way to make the Health bars Class colored instead of name only? Great addon by the way. :D
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-03-09
Posted By: Faerina
Okay I was just wondering if you were going to implement Class colors on Health Bars. I have the one that does the Power bar and I like it but I would rather have the Health Bar show up as my Classes color rather than my power bar. Love the addon by the way! :)
File: Rupture Tourney03-18-09
Raid Frames
Posted By: Faerina
Does this have Raid Frames or do you need another mod for this. Looks interesting I'll probably try it soon.
File: RatingBuster02-25-09
Enhancement Shaman
Posted By: Faerina
On my Draenei Shaman It shows that Intel and Spell Damage are improvements. I just recently started him but everyone tells me the Attack Power, Agility and Strength are what matter for a Enhancement shaman. How do i get RatingBuster to show this for him? Wonderful addon by the way :).
File: AuldLangSyne02-24-09
Posted By: Faerina
Does this work with LibData Brokers?
File: Talented02-24-09
Originally posted by xeross I rem...
Posted By: Faerina
Originally posted by xeross I remember a similiar addon was made along time ago maybe this is the same dunno. Thanks for it though I believe the Addon your talking about is SpecialTalent it's like this but fell out of date a while ago. Talented is just awesome I've been using it for about 2yrs now :p I don't think I'll eve...
File: Friend Color02-12-09
Guild Pane?
Posted By: Faerina
Does this work with the Guild List also?
File: Select01-19-09
Wonderful addon. question though is...
Posted By: Faerina
Wonderful addon. question though is there a way to select weapons? I use this for my trinkets and my quest items but idk how to do it for items like my fishing pole and my main DPS weapon.
File: Energize12-29-08
Runic Power?
Posted By: Faerina
Any ideas for adding Ruinc Power to it?
File: pMinimap12-12-08
Does this show the calendar? If not...
Posted By: Faerina
Does this show the calendar? If not can it? I like how it looks and would love to use it but from the pictures i don't see any calendar. However i'm still going to try it out anyhow. Just wondering about the calendar :)
File: Satrina Unit Frames 311-19-08
Love the look and will probably try...
Posted By: Faerina
Love the look and will probably try it soon. This doesn't have portraits does it?
File: Swindler Preventer11-09-08
Sry bout that i was in a hurry when...
Posted By: Faerina
Sry bout that i was in a hurry when i typed that. Shanni All of her Designs are not included in the Database. It doesn't say anything about the stones so idk if those are also included or not.
File: Swindler Preventer11-09-08
Isle of Quel'Danas
Posted By: Faerina
The recipes next to the lady who gives you the Bloodberry Quest all her recipes give errors
File: StatBlockCore (Display)09-23-08
Fubar addons...
Posted By: Faerina
Okay i Currently use Fubar & was wondering if this addon can take it's addons like AuldLangSyne and Auditor and put them into Statblocks? I like this mod for it's freedom but the two addons i mentioned i can't see myself without..... Thanks!
File: Learning Aid08-25-08
Usable in normal game?
Posted By: Faerina
Can this be used in the normal game outside of the beta? And this will be one of the first addons i get when WotLK comes out if it can't be used on normal realms.
File: FuzzyLogic08-17-08
For some reason i keep getting a bl...
Posted By: Faerina
For some reason i keep getting a blizz error. every time i go to use my macro for the frame it says that this addon is using something the blizz frames already do and it ask me to either ignore it or disable it. Why does it do this?
File: Doom_CooldownPulse08-03-08
Is there a way to move it from the...
Posted By: Faerina
Is there a way to move it from the middle of the screen? I haven't used this addon yet but i'm willing to try it out :)
File: Dominos07-23-08
When i was on one of my lower-lvl t...
Posted By: Faerina
When i was on one of my lower-lvl toons the xp bar wouldn't update, unless i went into the reputation page and had that show as an xp bar and then uncheck it after i did that it worked fine. i suppose it's due to another addon i have called FactionFriend. I love this addon alot and i hope in a futrure update this "so called bug"...
File: XPBar07-20-08
Posted By: Faerina
Can this bar display Rep also?
File: XPBarNone07-14-08
That problem can be caused by a num...
Posted By: Faerina
That problem can be caused by a number of addons. One that crosses my mind is GFW_Faction Friend which does exactly what you described. However, The author may have added this feature recently.
File: Sage UnitFrames04-27-08
Posted By: Faerina
Will Sage Unit Frames be updated for 2.4?