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File: Announcer05-18-11
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How about adding the readout/announcement to the error message window/area (where low man/energy warnings or the messages you get when you don't have the necessary gathering tool appear)? Maybe in big, bold letters, too (something that would stand out and get your attention)?
File: GrimUI05-14-11
Love the UI! But one question........
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Love the UI! But one question..... How do you unlock the dungeon loot windows (the ones that you choose to roll for Need or Greed)? Right now, they are locked in place at the bottom center of the screen (overlaps the dashboard) but would like them in closer proximity to the verification window that pops up for BoP gear (it g...
File: Announcer05-11-11
What Are the Odds??
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And here I was wondering earlier tonight if there was an addon that would let me know when a key party member (tank/healer) dies so I can jump on the battle rez duty and pull our @$$es outta the fire!! :D Yeah yeah, I know I could just keep an eye on/periodically look at their health, but it's just so much easier to stay focused o...
File: Current ilvl02-05-11
Re: Re: Which is Which?
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Originally posted by Tonyleila it's hard to see this if both item lvls are the same but if not the higher one has to be the value that displays your gear + everything in your bags so: currently equipped= 312 ..... (343) = bagitem lvl This is not entirely true, though.....as you can have stuff in your bags that will lower yo...
File: Current ilvl02-01-11
Which is Which?
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In the screenshot, you circle the two Item Level values this addon displays? But which value means what (currently equipped gear vs your gear and everything in your bags)?
File: Reagent Helper 2: Remastered01-01-11
Feasible or Not?
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Not sure if it is within the scope of this addon or not (or if it can even be done, for that matter), but can you add the ability to show what recipe(s) any given item/ingredient is used in?
File: LilSparky's Workshop10-16-10
Update for 4.0.1
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Any plans in the making to have an update for the new chaos Blizzard created recently?
File: Skillet09-07-09
Is there any way to keep the defaul...
Posted By: ShadowProwler420
Is there any way to keep the default tradeskill/profession windows from opening when using this mod?
File: Auctioneer08-30-09
Error Message in Chat Window
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First off, I already posted a comment in the Armory comments about this, but I figured I would post this here as well because it only happens when dealing with the Auctioneer window. For a while now ('while' = a couple weeks or so), I have been getting an error message in the chat window anytime I close the auctioneer window (rega...
File: Armory08-30-09
Error Message in Chat Window
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I don't know if this is truly an error with Armory (since I only get it after closing the auction window), but I get the following error message whenever closing the auction window (regardless if I use the 'X' in the upper right corner or use the Close button in the lower right corner). And, just for the record, I use the Auctioneer...
File: Who Pinged?08-25-09
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Sorry, but I don't understand the concept of this. Can you explain what exactly this would be needed for? I'm in the IT field, and the act of 'pinging' to me refers to the sending/receiving of packets to verify network connectivity/functionality. But obviously, this is not the case (judging by some of the comments below). One...
File: LightHeaded08-06-09
I am also having this same problem....
Posted By: ShadowProwler420
I am also having this same problem. The only difference is that I cannot activate the tab to reopen the LH pane (the mouse icon does not even change to the cog). I am not using the DoubleWide addon, either. And yes, I have updated to the latest release of this awesome addon, too! ;) Any ideas? Originally posted by ReprievedM...
File: Auto Buy Reagents06-28-08
So does this actually buy X amount...
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So does this actually buy X amount of the reagent or does it buy enough to put you at X number (similar to how Or SoulShards works)?