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File: Gladius07-05-12
Re: Gladius all the time.
Posted By: Yurup
How do I get Gladius to only show up when im in arenas? Right now its showing up all the timel. You need to disable test mode by typing /gladius test
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-19-09
Re: addon
Posted By: Yurup
Originally posted by Blazetto I have never used natur before but after it being recommended i dl'd it. I'm having problems in the fact that the only thing that is working is the cooldowns. Magor thing i need to work is DR and cast bars and CC. PLZ HELP! ty Providing more information would make it easier to troubleshoot. :banana:
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-18-09
Re: Re: Battlemaster's Bravery bugs Natur
Posted By: Yurup
Originally posted by Softrix This was brought to my attention by someone via private message. Ive fixed this issue and it will be included in the next update. Aha so thats what is doing it. Might be a little bold to ask but is the next update planned pretty soon because its pretty annoying to play like this. Or could you share...
File: oUF_Hypocrisy02-03-09
Is it possible to have the unit fra...
Posted By: Yurup
Is it possible to have the unit frames go from green to red when getting damage? Its kind of hard explaining this but the health % does it when going lower. I'd love to get this with the bars and have the text just be white.
File: Natur Enemy Castbar05-01-08
I just wanted to say that I'm curre...
Posted By: Yurup
I just wanted to say that I'm currently stopping testing this mod. Its just to bulky to carry on right now on a small screen like mine. Also I have nothing more to add in terms of suggestions right now. Looking forward to the next relase :)
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-21-08
It would be nice to reset cooldowns...
Posted By: Yurup
It would be nice to reset cooldowns ect if you enter / leave a Battleground / Arena. Right now its not resetting after there and stuff like a shaman earthshield will be around for roughly 10 minutes after a BG. And one thing I've noticed was when someone casts holy shield the weakend soul debuff doesn't show up. I'm not sure if th...
File: Natur Enemy Castbar04-17-08
Hi, First off all I'd like to th...
Posted By: Yurup
Hi, First off all I'd like to thank you for picking this mod up. I've had it since whenever and will probely continue to use it till then. Second I have some suggestions for in the future, I haven't read any of the old suggestions or the plans for the future but here they are. -Merge all: It would be nice to have one block o...
File: LightHeaded03-26-08
Not sure if this is a bug, intended...
Posted By: Yurup
Not sure if this is a bug, intended or something with TomTom, but before the 2.4 update I could click on coords with lightheaded and tomtom will show the coords with the quest name, now all it shows is a number to me and not the quest name.