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File: Raven03-02-17
Hi, new user to raven here. Afte...
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Hi, new user to raven here. After seeing this addon in action in RealUI my question is how to reproduce the setting seen in this screenshot. Specially how the progress bar wraps around the entire icon. Is that a feature of Raven or is he using something else to do it? http://cdn-wow.mmoui.com/preview/pvw68578.jpg Next, whene...
File: Ansi Ui08-26-16
A few things. First is there a way...
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A few things. First is there a way to turn off the vignette effect? And second, every time I open the character menu I got this error: Message: ...\AddOns\SyLevel\libs\LibItemUpgradeInfo-1.0\Core.lua:83: bad argument #2 to 'tonumber' (number expected, got string) Time: 08/26/16 18:38:15 Count: 1 Stack: : ? ...\AddOns\SyLeve...
File: Bartender401-18-09
Got it. Nvm.
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Got it. Nvm.
File: oUF_Hypocrisy01-16-09
Thanks for your earlier reply. I've...
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Thanks for your earlier reply. I've got another question though: Is it possible to make the background transparent? I've been looking through the layout and I can't seem to find anywhere to do so if there is.
File: oUF_Hypocrisy01-11-09
I've been trying to use your frames...
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I've been trying to use your frames and they look really nice. But now I'm trying to customize them to my needs so I have a few questions. How do I turn off showing buffs/debuffs on my player frame? Also when I target myself? And the ToT frame..? Second, how do I turn off the raid frames? I was thinking of using grid for my rai...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames06-14-08
Skinning Buffs/Debuffs?
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I don't know if this is possible, but I could have sworn I saw a screenshot somewhere of x-pearl unit frame with skinned buff/debuffs. So if anyone has any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated!! Edit: Also..is there a way to turn of the (in my opinion) ugly red border that I get when I have aggro? This would also app...
File: DoubleWide05-05-08
For Professions?
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Any chance of getting this addon modified so it could include the professions lists, as well? I don't really know if this is possible though...just an idea.
File: Kill The Canary04-13-08
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Can I request a version of this for spiders, as well? And Raptors? They make fairly high pitched noises, too.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames02-12-08
Yellow Border?
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I've been using xpearl for quite some time now, and I like it a lot, but one thing that bugs me is the yellow border that appears when you target yourself for example, or when you select an npc and hover your mouse over the target frame. I think it really distracts from the look of the frames. Is there a way to disable that yellow...