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File: Deadly Boss Mods01-11-15
Boss health Frames
Posted By: cnun3z
Hi, recently I've had the boss health frames on top of my toon, I can't seem to move them, or disable them. in the healthbar section all i see is show health bars and expand upwards option thanks for the help.
File: QuestHelper12-11-09
I tried using the ingame quest obje...
Posted By: cnun3z
I tried using the ingame quest objectives thing, and I'm going back to quest helper.
File: Ion Action Bars01-21-09
Sad Panda.. I'm already missin...
Posted By: cnun3z
Sad Panda.. I'm already missing this addon.
File: Ion Action Bars11-04-08
Just to say Thanks.
Posted By: cnun3z
hello.. big big fan of Trinity, at first I tried this addon, but I was getting frustrated fast. but like most things I had to give it some time to understand how the macro system worked and how to add and remove bars. Just like trinity I can't play without this addon. I think your doing a wonderful job, and thank you for makin...
File: sRaidFrames02-14-08
I like this addon. Is it possibl...
Posted By: cnun3z
I like this addon. Is it possible to show the raid bars in 5 man instances?