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File: GathererDB WoWHead10-10-11
Great Addon! And did find a newer database site is in comment!
Posted By: Krytikal
Would like to see more updates and or at least regular updates to this addon for the benefit of everyone using this already and new members that would like to use this. But for those of you looking for more of an update the latest one I can find is from 4-28-2011, it is alot better than the 12-19-2010 update that was last posted...
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian01-07-11
Awesome addon!!
Posted By: Krytikal
this is really cool!!! How long will this track before it starts to erase the old bg's you where in or will it go on indefinite or as long as the addon is installed or updated! Shows a different perspective of each BG's wished it would track specs and the total damage output and or healing you have done with in each Battle ground....