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File: Gray-B-Gone01-24-15
Gray icon when nothing to sell
Posted By: Druidicbeast
Thanks for this simple, small, straight forward addon. Just what I was looking for. I was curious though, would it be easy to gray the button out if there is nothing to sell?
File: Yay Mounts07-11-13
I'm having issues with hunter aspec...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
I'm having issues with hunter aspects (not the in combat, noted buggy). On occasion when I load in to the game the aspects are there and work fine. Sometimes it won't work at all. When I check the addon the "Aspect List" just opens up to a large blank black box. Any ideas?
File: Stuffing01-01-10
Originally posted by Slaxi81 Just...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
Originally posted by Slaxi81 Just use Keybind "Backback" instead of "Open all Bags" Heh, wow..guess I could have put a little more thought into that before posting. Thank you.
File: Stuffing12-25-09
Maybe I missed something, but when...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
Maybe I missed something, but when I use the open all bags keybind it works fine for opening the frame just not closing it like other bags. Other than that small issue, great addon. This is just what I have been looking for.
File: Dominos10-07-09
Possibly a silly question but say I...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
Possibly a silly question but say I wanted to parent a KGPanel to an entire bar, what would be the parent name? When using the macros I have found online to spit out frame name information, I get ActionButton1. I was wondering if there was a frame name I could use so I could parent a panel to an entire bar instead of just one butto...
File: ChocolateBar (Broker Display)06-07-09
First off love the addon great work...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
First off love the addon great work :banana: One thing though, is it possible to make the bars a custom length and movable? I for instance do not need to have the bar across the entire screen, or at least I don't prefer it. Just wondering if there is an option I am missing and if not if it could possibly be a feature request....
File: AzCastBar04-24-09
Just got home from work and tried i...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
Just got home from work and tried it out. Works like a charm, ty so much. To think I skipped over this mod cause of that small issues for so long now.........=( Thanks again.
File: AzCastBar04-23-09
So I guess there is no way to attac...
Posted By: Druidicbeast
So I guess there is no way to attach a panel to this? I tried the get frame name macro, keeps returning WorldFrame. Would love to be able to anchor a kgPanel to this mod, then I can toss quartz =( Any ideas? Possibly something I am doing wrong?