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File: Examiner03-16-11
index = 29, unit = (PlayerName). t...
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index = 29, unit = (PlayerName). text = Equip: Increases your spell penetration by 20. pattern = Increases your spell penetration by (%d+)% link = item:21563:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:85:0
File: nivBuffs01-22-11
@Whist34 -- Anchored to topright...
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@Whist34 -- Anchored to topright corner of the UI, -- growing horizontally to the left in rows of 20 icons, -- next row exactly below the previous buffAnchor = { "TOPRIGHT", "UIParent", "TOPRIGHT", -15, -15 }, buffXoffset = -35, buffYoffset = 0, buffIconsPerRow = 20, buffMaxWraps = 10, buffWrapXoffset = 0, buffWrapYoffset...
File: ncBindings01-09-11
Is there a way to create more than...
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Is there a way to create more than 30 binds? I use 55-60 binds. I really like this addon over BindPad, but, if I can't make more binds then I won't be able to use it.
File: bitPala12-20-10
Message: Interface\AddOns\bitPala\b...
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Message: Interface\AddOns\bitPala\bitPala.lua:322: attempt to compare number with nil Time: 12/20/10 18:43:03 Count: 2900 Stack: Interface\AddOns\bitPala\bitPala.lua:322: in function `cleanTimeLeft' Interface\AddOns\bitPala\bitPala.lua:342: in function `onUpdate' :1: in function <:1> Locals: barname = "beacon" (*temporary) =...
File: QEquip11-05-10
I really love the idea, seeing as I...
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I really love the idea, seeing as I too was a LONG TIME Itemrack user. The only issue I have is that the menu produce is enormous, and where my minimap is, the menu grows off my screen, are there anyways I can fix this?
File: TomTom10-11-10
Re: Re: Help!
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Leave Death Knight starting zone. I'm not in an instance at all, but thanks for your concern. Well, I found the problem. I use an add on created by myself to perform some arbitrary tasks, this is causing the problem. MinimapCluster:Hide(); local frame = InterfaceOptionsFrame; frame:SetM...
File: TomTom10-10-10
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Hello, My TomTom seems to not be functioning. The arrow distance is not updating, the estimated time is not calculating, and the direction is severely wrong. I am playing on live, is this a known bug? Thank you.
File: tullaCC09-29-10
Minor, but you have some commenting...
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Minor, but you have some commenting issues in the config file. It appears as: --display settings C.minScale = 0.6 --the minimum duration to show cooldown text for C.minDuration = 3 --the minimum number of seconds a cooldown must be to use to display in the expiring format C.expiringDuration = 5 --the minimum number of second...
File: Buffology08-29-10
Has any headway been made on the is...
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Has any headway been made on the issue with certain BF skins looking severely distorted? I am looking forward to using this addon as soon as the apathy skin is functioning properly.
File: Buffology07-31-10
I am having some serious difficulti...
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I am having some serious difficulties at the moment. /buffology is failing to open a configuration menu. The "Apathy" buttonfacade skin appear severely distorted.
File: Examiner06-04-10
Aezay, I can confirm that the de...
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Aezay, I can confirm that the default inspection frame does NOT send this information. My mistake for not checking first; for some reason I thought that that information WAS readable with the default inspection frame. Thanks for your reply, and keep it up!
File: Examiner05-20-10
My examiner will not show ANY arena...
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My examiner will not show ANY arena information on the opposite faction at ANY time, or friendly members when they are from another server, as in a random dungeon, skirmish, or battleground. It has been this way since I have had the mod(I want to say over a year?). Any fix or explanation? thank you.
File: SMArtPad04-13-10
Concerning map images
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Hey, I like the idea a lot man, I used to use artpad a lot with my friends heh. You made reference to the map images you were using being sub-quality. My suggestion is to talk to the people that work on Atlas. Many people there export beautiful high quality images of landscapes, specifically instances and boss areas, they might...
File: CoolLine01-20-10
Hey, I just downloaded CoolLine and...
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Hey, I just downloaded CoolLine and I must say I really enjoy it. Coming from Forte_Xorcist this is just the stripped down bit of it I needed. The only thing I DON'T like about CoolLine is resizing it. The drag handle can make keeping certain proportions hard. Are there any plans for using input boxes to determine height and wi...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-05-09
Thank you for your reply shadowed....
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Thank you for your reply shadowed. I turned off quick updates for the power bar and it is still occurring. It is happening as Holy/Ret and even on my level 10 priest. Edit: I disabled every single addon except for SUF and I am having the issue still. I also have the issue with the blizz UF. I guess this problem goes way deepe...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-04-09
Issues with the mana bar.
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Hello, I must say after switching from Pitbull4 to SUF I was EXTREMELY pleased. BUT: My reason for swapping UFs has returned to plague me; please follow. I had been a VERY long time PB3/PB4 user. I was using Pitbull4 and after reformatting my computer and redoing my UI (Which I decided to do to get newer/more efficient addons/v...
File: Gladius11-29-09
Strange error report.
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I was doing arena skirmishes and I was getting an odd LUA error from gladius that repeated itself like 7600 times, I got the dialog box stating one of my addons was severely malfunctioning, but I chose to ignore it and other than the error box, it didn't seem to effect game play. Message: Interface\AddOns\Gladius\Gladius.lua:605:...
File: Caith UI01-18-09
Moved Buffs
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Hey, just want to say what a SUPER addon! There have only been a few personal changes I've made and this is one I want to share. This is a tutorial on how to move your buff frames incase you are using fubar/titan panel. Fludiframes and Moveanything will mess your buffs/debuffs WAYYY up, and this is a save fix. 1) Navigate to y...