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File: Kollektiv Unit Frames12-29-08
Posted By: pole
Is there anyway that you could add/show marks(star, circle etc..) on the unitframes just like the regular nurfedui? Otherwise, this is a clean and very good addon. Thanks for your update!
File: HealBot Continued04-14-08
Pet bar only
Posted By: pole
Is there anyway to show only pet HP of party/raid? I do not want to enable party/raid player HP but pet health. I like the simplicity of healbot, but I just want to use this for managing raid pet health since I already have other unitframe installed.
File: DoTimer04-06-08
what's not working in 2.4
Posted By: pole
my dotimer nortification is not working after patch 2.4. So I do not think this addon is working perfectly as well as it used to be in path 2.3. Nortification feature for enemy debuff, buff, and skill is not working. Self nortification is working perfectly such as cooldown (ex. psychic scream up in 5 sec...etc.). Otherwise, this ad...
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-28-08
delayed notification
Posted By: pole
I would like to show message that says "Prayer of Mending will be up in 2 seconds." I tried to create a trigger that shows this message after casting Prayer of Mending but I could not figure out how to output delayed message after a period of time. Is there more simple way to do this or How should I make the trigger work? Thanks in...