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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)01-10-11
Worgen 3d models
Posted By: Kystel
In my party frames i am using the whole body 3d view of the players. They all work fine except for the new worgen models. For some reason they are displayed in portrait mode. Is there something ive missed in the settings, a blizzard issue or something that needs to be changed in the addon sometime in the future?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-31-10
Perhaps im looking in the wrong spo...
Posted By: Kystel
Perhaps im looking in the wrong spot for the options i mentioned. I would like to see the target of each party member and be able to click on them (as opposed to just using a text string to show the name of the target). The "Party 1 target" does this nicely but the only options listed under this section are disable and x/y position.
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-31-10
Party target.
Posted By: Kystel
I was wondering if it is or could be possible to adjust the size and add info to the party target frame. Info such as name of target and max/current hp. And thank you for a wonderful replacement for discord. So glad i came across this addon.:D
File: DoTimer12-17-08
Not working.
Posted By: Kystel
Right now im trying to install dotimers on a base ui. Meaning this is the only addon loading. Its a fresh download from this site and a new wtf file. Using the above when i cast hunters mark and serpernt sting on a mob nothing appears on the screen. Ive looked around the dotimer options and used the "preview" button and that works...
File: Aspected Again12-17-08
config command
Posted By: Kystel
i cant seem to find a command to open up the configuration screen. :)
File: ZMobDB Advanced611-08-08
teach me more detail 1) "Hide Pa...
Posted By: Kystel
teach me more detail 1) "Hide Party In Raid" Option ON/OFF ? 2) "Hold Windows" Option ON/OFF ? 3) "Specific Database" Option "Party" ON/OFF ? 4) "Random Animation" Option "Party"s Interval/rate? 5) what Unitframe you cant change model setting? 1. On 2. On. 3. On 4. Turned off random animations. 5. In a raid and someti...
File: ZMobDB Advanced611-07-08
Has any progress been made on fixun...
Posted By: Kystel
Has any progress been made on fixung this addon for use in parties and raids? When i enter a raid it becomes impossible to change the camera view as it does not save. Also the camera view for some reason will often change a bit and settings that were fine before are no longer the same.
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-25-08
Raid changes.
Posted By: Kystel
It seems that the settings for the npc fully body change when i enter a raid and if you adjust them they do not stay saved.
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-24-08
Full body mode
Posted By: Kystel
Having a problem with the earth elemental model in Nagrand. "NPC_elementalearth" The fullbody view shows this model from the top down. Not from the front. Anything i can do to fix this? Edit. This was not a problem in the pre wotlk version of this addon. :)