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File: Quick Auctions 305-10-10
Is it possible to add back in how m...
Posted By: Woischi
Is it possible to add back in how many items were posted? After mass posting my glyphs only "Scan finished." popped up, not "Finished posting x items." as before. Thanks.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-19-10
Originally posted by geeksugar ju...
Posted By: Woischi
Originally posted by geeksugar just downloaded the update , decided i would change things up a bit and once i finished, logged out and back in (to save) my player frame was missing lol... :p Same error here. Happends when I enable "Empty bar" and "Border highlight -> On curable debuff". The Empty bar feature seems to disappear com...
File: SpellAlerter04-06-08
Afaik there is no need for Babble-S...
Posted By: Woischi
Afaik there is no need for Babble-Spell since 2.4 (GetSpellInfo) anymore, right? Great AddOn, kollektiv, thank you!