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File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB12-06-12
One thing to add and I may just hav...
Posted By: Torsh
One thing to add and I may just have completely missed it in the description but in order to get the FXAA injector to work, in game MSAA(multisampling) must be set to x1 otherwise the secondary .DLL will not activate. ENB will work fine with any MSAA setting but FXASinj will not.
File: Power Auras Classic01-18-11
World Markers
Posted By: Torsh
Is there a setting in Powerauras that can be changed that allows the use of World Markers? Powerauras seems to block that feature from the game client.
File: Aloft10-20-10
With the 10/18 update the border te...
Posted By: Torsh
With the 10/18 update the border texture isn't applying properly. The border is there, but broken into segments and alternatively rotating ontop of the name plate. I wasn't getting this issue post 4.01 until the 10/18 update. edit: I should add that this problem only shows up on enemy nameplates and when in combat.
File: TinyTip03-01-08
Yep /tinytip or /ttip broke on t...
Posted By: Torsh
Yep /tinytip or /ttip broke on the update where the path to dongle was changed. Can not be configured at this time :(