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File: GathererDB WoWHead12-23-10
Originally posted by dewin Poking...
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Originally posted by dewin Poking at the included DB_WowheadData.lua file seems to suggest that a vast majority of nodes are downright missing, including absolutely no entries for Hyjal. Agree - skilling herbalism seems a nightmare there! pls fix Hyjal!
File: Caith UI08-26-10
Originally posted by Bindii wel...
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Originally posted by Bindii well thanks! so, will give it another thought (seems like it might indeed be quite a risky move!). last question. would it be possible to import all my saved variables (for instance, the saved auctioneer AH scans data)? thanks
File: Caith UI08-24-10
absolute beginner here, moving from...
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absolute beginner here, moving from a 'simpler' ui like arkive hopefully to Caith. Now, which steps would you recommend to take? secondly, could i still use any (additional) addons i already use with my current one? thirdly, it will be possible to retain all macros, keybindings etc? thanks a lot in advance - even for pointing m...