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Originally posted by Baine gettin...
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Originally posted by Baine getting some warnings related to enchants ids are: 4063 --- 4065 --- 4190 --- 4256 --- 4257 --- 4258 --- gonna add more as i come across them =) These ids are the Effect That can be found under the spell on Wowhead. i used Google "(****)" where **** is id and used "site:wowh**d.c*m"...
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Q about The Summary Scan Groups
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Hello All I Have A Coconut For You. How Do You Add New Groups To The Summary Windows. For Example "Weapon Vellum" and "Armor Vellum" (and even if possible to scan for the Darkmoon Card Collection ("but not any priority")) I have Tried To Tinker With The summary.lua file but got NIL respons from UI even QA3 Went Dead and di...