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File: rActionBar08-12-09
I encountered this addon trying Tuk...
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I encountered this addon trying Tuk's UI and I'm trying to customize it a bit. In Tuk's UI the actionsbars are set up so they are next to each other horisontally, the second bar only has eight buttons though, and i want to change this back to 12. Looking through the .lua file I'm still unsure of where i make this change. can an...
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu10-28-08
Would also like the modded code.. i...
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Would also like the modded code.. if you can.. could you upload it to some host so more people could benefit from it?
File: ArkiveUI05-16-08
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I have been trying out this UI for a few days since I came back to the game and I'm finding I like it but I have some thoughts. 1. UI Scale, your UI scale (smallest) while giving alot of area it does also kill readability on a 19" wide monitor runnin 1440x900. my setup is a dual 19" so it would be great if you could possibly inclu...