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File: Multishot (Screenshot)09-18-10
Originally posted by dlui nyxtyr:...
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Originally posted by dlui nyxtyr: Multishot is not based on names but on mob ids. Please turn on debug mode and paste the result here so we can track down a possible bug. This should not happen. Snaxe: I don't know. Probably taking a screenshot this often will cause too much lag. :banana: I enabled the debugging. I have a...
File: Multishot (Screenshot)09-11-10
Just found this addon a few weeks a...
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Just found this addon a few weeks ago and i love it. However during ToC-10 first run using the addon it happened to not take a screenshot for the Anub'arak kill but it got the screenshot for all the other kills. :[ Not sure if it's because i ran the nerub instance with this character few days before? and they have the same names? :[
File: XPBarNone07-14-09
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What're the chances of making this into Ace3? A good majority of the addons i use are already Ace3 and a few that aren't are rewriting in Ace3 right now for the upcoming 3.2 patch.