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File: EquipCompare12-16-09
Please Update Curse
Posted By: kberk
Please update this for those of us that rely on the Curse client. Thanks for keeping this must-have addon going.
File: TipTac12-09-08
Questhelper Tooltip
Posted By: kberk
Has this been fixed yet? I am using TIPTAC 8.12.05 and it seems broken still for me. Originally posted by Sinzar Latest update fixed the minimap tooltips, but still doesn't work correctly with other addons that add tooltip info. QuestHelper for example can't show it's info with this latest TipTac release. Here's a screen...
File: MoveAnything10-23-08
Curse Client wants to overwrite this
Posted By: kberk
Because this new re-write (and thank you very very much) of MoveAnything uses the same folder as two older incarnations of this addon and because this addon is not yet available on Curse, the Curse client asks the user if it should overwrite this with one of the other two versions it has in its repository. I'd suggest you change t...
File: Elkano's BuffBars03-11-08
Please make compatible with Dock
Posted By: kberk
Please name the frames so Dock can save their location. Right now I have to put them back in the dock every time I logon. Thanks. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8206-Dock.html