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File: Auctioneer03-23-08
Not sure if you've added this optio...
Posted By: ForsakenXI
Not sure if you've added this option.. How do you turn off all the text spam in the chat log when doing searches? It says stuff like.. 5000 items in ah 5830 blah blah.. Takes up my whole visible chat log every time I close the AH window or search sometimes >< I don't need to see those stats, so can I hide em?
File: MetaMap03-18-08
Re: Minimaptrackingframe errors fixed
Posted By: ForsakenXI
Originally posted by fogyreef Fortunately this is a simple fix. The error code tells you (mostly) what to do. Date: 2008-02-04 19:00:58 ID: 28 Error occured in: Global Count: 4 Message: ..\AddOns\MetaMap\MetaMap.lua line 923: attempt to index global 'MiniMapTrackingFrame' (a nil value) It says that on line 923 of the...
File: MetaHud03-16-08
ok, I've graphically edited the pet...
Posted By: ForsakenXI
ok, I've graphically edited the pet health/energy bars to be the same height as the player and enemy bars, but they only fill half way up. Where do I edit how far they fill? Is it in coordinates in the LUA somewhere? If so, whats the text for it?
File: MetaHud03-14-08
Pet bar, want it the same size...
Posted By: ForsakenXI
Can someone that knows what they're doing tell me how to make the pet health and mana bars the same height as the player health and mana bars? I have an LUA editor. When I'm trying to evaluate whether my pet is 'winning' vs the current enemy, it'd be a lot easier if the bars were the same height for comparison. It's gotta be somew...