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File: GoGoMount12-05-10
X-53 Touring Rocket
Posted By: CogTag
I believe the X-53 isn't being considered a flying mount if I have other flying mounts in my global preference.
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch07-18-09
Re: Cast bar functionality gone
Posted By: CogTag
Originally posted by Reddragonrob I've followed MetaHUD for the last year or two across the change in programmers etc and i have to say I've enjoyed all of the improvements over time. Unfortunately for me, the last update was a deal breaker and i was forced to revert to an earlier version due to the cast bar removal/highlight from...
File: CoolLevelUp08-04-08
Great mod
Posted By: CogTag
I love this thing but for some reason it doesn't show me new abilities when I level up so that kinda sucks :confused:
File: Condensed SpellBook07-24-08
Not showing up in game.
Posted By: CogTag
The idea behind this addon is great but it is not working at all. The addon is in the AddOns folder but is not showing up in the games addon list or the spellbook itself:confused:
File: HealBot Continued04-09-08
Raid Vs Party?
Posted By: CogTag
This addon is fantastic but I was wondering if there is a way to only have the party frame shown when in a 5-man party and then hide the the frame when in a raid? If not this addon then can something like Pitbull do something of the sort? It's really only a matter of saving space because i really don't need to see my group during rai...