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File: Quse Boss Styles04-12-12
Message: Interface\AddOns\HalRothBa...
Posted By: Xye
Message: Interface\AddOns\HalRothBars\ActionBars.lua:3: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil) Time: 04/12/12 08:33:01 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `unpack' Interface\AddOns\HalRothBars\ActionBars.lua:3: in main chunk Locals: (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "table expected, got nil" ======================...
File: BonusScanner Continued10-19-10
Will this be updated?
Posted By: Xye
Will this be updated for the latest patch please?
File: NotesUNeed01-13-06
Nill Value error
Posted By: Xye
Great mod, thought I'd post the error I have rec'd since installation and wondered if there will be an update anytime soon. Click on guild tab recieve this error everytime: Interface/addons/NotesUNeed\NotesUNeed.lua:4798: attempt to index local 'lBttn' (a nil value) I press the ok button. Will there be an update?