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File: Lock Notes01-14-09
First of all, thanks for updating t...
Posted By: jfkaess
First of all, thanks for updating the mod. Its small, unobtrusive and does just what it should without taking over everything. Secondly, would it be possible to use zip instead of rar for compressing the mod. I downloaded a free trial of winrar to uncompress this mod, but it will expire and I have been unable to find a free util...
File: Dominos10-17-08
Feature request
Posted By: jfkaess
I'm a long time Bongos 2 user, and I changed to Dominos after the 3.0.2 patch I'm very pleased and I have everything working just the way I want now (since adding redrange) except for one feature I really miss. Do you think in the next release you might be able to put in the small bar that displayed the FPS, memory usage, and l...
File: RedRange10-15-08
It working now
Posted By: jfkaess
I disabled some other mods and now its working. Not sure why, but it works.
File: DoTimer10-15-08
Thank You, and please help me with buffs
Posted By: jfkaess
I was really worried that you wouldn't update Dotimer for Wotlk. Thank you for the complete rewrite and the obvious hard work you have put into it. As a affliction Warlock, I can't play wow without Dotimers After playing around with everything, I have it all working the way I want, except for 1 thing. I don't want Dotimer to...
File: RedRange10-15-08
Not working for me
Posted By: jfkaess
I never used this before the patch, because Bongos 2 did the same thing but Bongos 2 doesn't work after the patch, the same author is now doing Dominoes and recommended that his users get this mod to make out of range buttons red. I have Dominos configured and working. DL's and installed Red Range current version, it shows up in m...
File: LockNotes04-27-08
Wow !
Posted By: jfkaess
I am very impressed. Tried out this mod on our guild SSC run today, by the middle of the raid, I had all 3 of our locks running it. We all love it just the way it is, simple, but very very useful. We were totally jazzed when it popped up telling us that spell reflect was on and then when it was off, along with when our buffs drop...
File: DoTimer03-16-08
Just upgraded to 3.4.6
Posted By: jfkaess
Was using 3.3.2 and was very happy. After the upgrade I seem to be missing some dot timers I used to see: 1. My spell haste dot proc from Quagmiron's Eye 2. The shadowflame proc from my 4 piece tier 4 armor Is there a way to add these into the DOTimer section? I am only using the DOT, CD and Core components.