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File: TooltipWealth02-26-10
Is there any way to get this workin...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Is there any way to get this working with TukUI? I use this UI but it has a modified default tooltip, Wealth tooltip will not show. Thanks for any help. :)
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)08-13-09
I notice that if I enable 3D portra...
Posted By: Doriginal1
I notice that if I enable 3D portraits for targettarget the animation is all stuttered. Any way to fix this? Thanks!
File: FluidFrames08-09-09
Is there any way to move the tabs p...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Is there any way to move the tabs parented to certain frames without the tabs losing it's parenting? I have been trying to move tabs from certain windows such as the mail tabs on the bottom of the mailbox frame to the top. I can move these fine but when they are moved, they get re parented to UIParent. Then they stay on my screen whe...
File: TweakWoW07-14-09
Originally posted by Rintrah Am I...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Originally posted by Rintrah Am I wrong in that you don't actually need to run this mod after you've changed settings the way you want? Seems like it makes edits to config.wtf and those will remain even if you don't want to load this mod all the time when you play? Plz confirm Good question :)
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)06-28-09
Raid Frames for Party
Posted By: Doriginal1
Hi, is there any way to use Stuf raid frames layout instead of the Stuf party frames? Like how Grid is setup? I would just use the party frames, but they take up to much space and dont look good if i make them really small. I would just want to use Stuf raid for all party/raid frames. Is this possible? Thanks and Great Work! :)
File: atrNameplates06-26-09
Hi, just curious what lines I would...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Hi, just curious what lines I would have to modify to make these frames a bit smaller? Thanks for any help, and great work!
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-29-09
Hey Totalpackage, thanks for the in...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Hey Totalpackage, thanks for the info, I think Ill play around with the settings some more. The deficit problem seems to be fixed, dont ask me how. Iam getting this one error in my Bugsack every login: : Stuf_VisualHeal-3.1.008\core.lua:451: attempt to index field 'group' (a nil value) Any ideas on how to get rid of this? Th...
File: TweakWoW05-28-09
Edit, after disabling some addons I...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Edit, after disabling some addons I thought might be causing the conflict, all options now appear for me in game when I disabled all Tiptac addons. I hope there will be a fix for this and also hope this helps ppl with the same issue. :) Hi, Iam using the latest English version, I do not see any errors coming up, in game or in Bu...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-28-09
Visual Heal Problems
Posted By: Doriginal1
I have noticed when Iam healing a group using Visual Heal, my party frames do not update the health healed to them, after I get a heal off, the health deficit stays the same. Also another issue is, when I heal anyone including myself, the visual heal always shows the bar filled full as an estimate. So it does not accuratley work...
File: TweakWoW05-26-09
Hi great mod u got here. Unfortunat...
Posted By: Doriginal1
Hi great mod u got here. Unfortunately Iam not seeing all the settings in the options page. In the first screenshot you have posted I have only about half of those options. I have 7 total in graphics options, the pic has 13. All of the cool features like spell lvl detail are missing from my page. Any ideas? Thanks
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-26-09
HI, Great mod. Stuf is by far the b...
Posted By: Doriginal1
HI, Great mod. Stuf is by far the best unit frames I have come across. So thanks for all the hard work and updates. I was just wondering something about this latest update. Is the visual heal that was added a text based incoming heal? Because I thought this was a new feature that was just added, kinda like an estimated bar visual...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills05-22-09
Re: Re: Issue with skinner
Posted By: Doriginal1
Originally posted by Aranarth Recently, Skinner had a major rewrite that breaks some textures. Can you tell me the texture addon you use ? Like SharedMedia, MyMedia and such... Anyway, here is a version that applies the skin at "mouse over" time instead of load time: http://perso.orange.fr/aranarth/wow/addons/Ara_Broker_Tradeski...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills05-19-09
Issue with skinner
Posted By: Doriginal1
For some reason this addon breaks the skinner texture and gradient settings I have set up. My custom texture and gradient get blacked out and the gradient looks all messed up repeating the texture instead of stretching it. I would really have to post screens to show you. It took me some time to narrow this down to this plugin. I orig...