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File: Getting Things Healed11-19-09
I can confirm that with this new ve...
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I can confirm that with this new version the talent switch detection works perfectly! Thanks, Dagma, GTH is once again the best healing assignment addon :)
File: Getting Things Healed11-03-08
Another (minor) templating bug: It...
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Another (minor) templating bug: It won't let me write "MT: %MT1" as the name of an assignment. I'm guessing that your replacement function is matching the first MT, not finding a number and giving up.
File: Getting Things Healed11-03-08
Re: Adding an offspec healer?
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Originally posted by gilroykilroy Right now GTH only allow you to add people it "thinks" are healers. Yesterday we had a couple pally tanks put on healing gear to help off heal. Alas I could not add them as "healers" since GTH didn't think they were (they were in the tank list.) From the front page description: "GTH automati...
File: Getting Things Healed10-30-08
Re: Re: Bug Report for 2.0.3b
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I've been testing and am very impressed - it's a huge improvement in both usability and stability. One more bug to add to the list, though. When you have a complex, multi-phase fight with lots of assignments (like Illidan) trying to broadcast in simple mode can result in an error from ChatThrottleLib complaining that the...
File: Dominos10-29-08
Rescaling doesn't work
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I don't know if this is supposed to be in dominos (It was definitely in Bongos3) but it's driving me up the wall. Everytime I change from fullscreen mode to windowed mode the dominos bars remain the same size and don't scale like the rest of the interface. This causes lots of overlapping and makes it hard to play in windowed mode.
File: Getting Things Healed10-29-08
Bug Report for 2.0.3b
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I have the following issues with 2.0.3b: 1) Multiple templating in a custom assignment name fails. e.g. OTs (%MT1 %MT2) results in "OTs ( %MT2)" as the output 2) Empty assignments are broadcast. I have a template for trash that has an assignment for all possible %MT options as well as Raid healing. When assignin...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-29-08
Re: Re: GrimReaper
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Originally posted by Zeksie You'll have to be more detailed. It's working just fine for me un-docked, I always have it un-docked, so I'm having a hard time telling what your issue is. Double check your options etc. Ok, well I just deleted all of the savedvariables for GrimReaper and logged in. Firstly, the GrimReaper window...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-28-08
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I'm having a problem with the new grim reaper displaying erratically. Enable docking and it works when you hover over a unit frame and hides when not hovered. Disable docking and the grimreaper window vanishes, never to be seen again, no matter how many times you click Hide! Maybe I'm not understanding the correct usage, but...
File: Bongos303-25-08
I was playing around with Bongos3 o...
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I was playing around with Bongos3 on my shaman this weekend and have to say it's a huge improvement over Bongos2 (hiding/showing bars in combat is amazing!). One thing I've been wondering about is support by profiles for storing the contents of the action bars. I respec between resto and enhancement regularly, and it's a pain t...