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File: LLPvpState11-18-12
update plz
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
it's cool. plz update. X(
File: Broker_ActionMenu04-10-12
4.3 have error
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
hi thx for useful addon. have error. maybe patch 4.3 removed GetNumMacroIcons() and GetMacroIconInfo(). update plz. thx. have a nice day~
File: Broker: ChatAlerts01-15-12
thx useful addon
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
hello I want to alert to RAID WARNING. possible? or size up alert message size. sorry. I can't english. but, thank you for useful addon. have a nice day!
File: REFlex - Arena/Battleground Historian12-28-11
plz support korean client
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello Thx to cool addon I'm playing on korean client but, Arena zone name and BG zone name is displayed "?" plz support korean client Sorry, I can speak Engligh a little. But, I really appreciate to you.
File: SindyEasyMode05-04-10
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. I'm weak at Enlgish. Thank you USEFUL Addon. DXE/DBM's marking function is disable. I'm understand. Bigwigs marking function is OK? if not, Bigwigs marking function is disable.and SindyEasyMode is directly marking? I'm so sorry, i am not good at english. ;( Have a nice day~!
File: MassMailer04-25-10
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
thx useful addon. but, I have problem. custom group create => Enter the Group members => saving have error. Interface\AddOns\MassMailer\MassMailer.lua:960: table index is nil Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\MassMailer\MassMailer.lua:960: in function have a nic...
File: OhNoesQueues04-24-10
I have problem.
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. Sorry. I'm weak at English. I'm finished Daily BG Quest. but, OnNoQueues don't know fhinishing BG Quest. OnNoQueues showing unfinished Daily BG Quest. but, '/console reloadui' or relogin. OnNoQueues correct showing. I'm playing on Korean Client. useful addon. Thank you. Have a nice day~
File: KeyProfiler202-24-10
Sorry. I'm weak at English. Hell...
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Sorry. I'm weak at English. Hello. Nice addon. Thanks. I have a little issue. I want hiding MinimapButton. Interface Options -> KeyProfiler -> Settings -> 'Minimap button' checkbox to uncheck. and re-login. but, Minimap Button is showing. Plz support me. Have a niceday~!
File: KeyProfiler201-23-10
Nice addon
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Thank you for creating a really good addon.
File: bTracker01-15-10
// Bruners
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Good work. Thank you very much! Have a nice day~!
File: bTracker01-14-10
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. Sorry. I'm weak at English. Thank you very much for this. usefull addon. ver1.7 and ver1.6 is don't work. hotkey push => don't work but, ver1.5 is good work. Can u fix for me?
File: AI-Art01-14-10
Trade Skill Window - bottom frame is broken
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
I'm weak at English. sorry. Enchanting frame is perfect. but, other Trade Skill Window's bottom frame is incomplete. Enchanting bottom frame - http://wow.somegate.com/upload/kdw112_1263455663_a1.jpg Cooking bottom frame - http://wow.somegate.com/upload/kdw112_1263455672_a2.jpg have a nice day~!
File: SnowfallKeyPress12-14-09
With OPie Error
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Thx. USEFUL Addon. X) I'm using SKP with OPie. --------------------------------- Message: ...terface\AddOns\SnowfallKeyPress\SnowfallKeyPress.lua:214: attempt to index a nil value Time: 12/15/09 04:15:59 Count: 1 Stack: : ? ...terface\AddOns\SnowfallKeyPress\SnowfallKeyPress.lua:214: in function <...terface\AddOns\SnowfallK...
File: Realm Status11-23-09
Thanks for Update
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. Some users not installed .Net framework. They are installing .Net framework. solve a problem. Thanks for KR_RealmStatus Update! I'll try the test. I caught a cold. I wish you may not catch a cold. Have a nice day~!
File: Realm Status11-18-09
error and desire.
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. I think RealmStatus is USEFUL App. So upload to KR WOW fansite upload. Link I have a no error. but, some users have error and desire. 1, error http://wow.somegate.com/upload/ch19_1258590168_234.jpg 2,disable offline sound and offline check funtion? 3,RealmStatus every pop-up on server refreshing is some incon...
File: Realm Status11-15-09
KR Realm Status email send test
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. KR RealmStatus email send test is OK Thank You~! X)
File: Realm Status11-06-09
Thank you.
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
I Having had a deep sleep. sleep drunk but connected this page. RS is updated +_+ Thank you. I don't know how to thank you. All day long, you'll have good luck.
File: Realm Status11-05-09
re: Ceromus
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Sorry. I didn't think that far. X( 1st columns : online or offline Icon showing 2nd columns : server name 3rd columns : PvP or Normal => 전쟁 = PvP, 일반 = Nornal 4th columns : Population Showing (yellow icon) 보통 => Medium (red icon) 혼잡...
File: Realm Status11-05-09
Thank you.
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Sorry. I'm weak at English. Thank you! Korean client server status page link : http://www.worldofwarcraft.co.kr/news/server/index.do I hope to see good results. You have a nice day now.
File: Realm Status11-04-09
Plz support Korean Client
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Nice App. Plz support Korean Client! Have a nice day~!
File: Reagent Restocker10-06-09
Plz support Guild Bank
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. RR is very usefull addlon. Update Thanks. Whould you update for support guild bank? Have a nice day~
File: The Collector08-06-09
so far as I know 3.2 Patch Added Pet, Mount SpellID
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Pet 67417, 67416, 67413, 67419, 67418, 67414, 67420, 67415, 66096, 65381, 65382 Mount 66847 - Alience 60% Mount
File: The Collector07-27-09
3 DB Files Korean Localization
Posted By: Kangdeokwon
Hello. Sorry. I'm not a good english user person. Thanks for present nice addon. TC have a lot of useful information. Therefore, I tanslated to Korean. If u r update TC. Plz inserted this file. http://www.filefront.com/14138441/ItemsDB_KOR.zip Thank you. Always have a nice day.