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File: PvP Flag Broker11-18-10
Re: Re: Cata
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Originally posted by Tuhljin thegriffgeeks: I intend on updating all of my addons which I still have some use for, this being one of them. Hopefully I'll get some time to look into this later this week. Thanks and thanks for the update.
File: Possessions10-31-10
Thank you
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Thank you for the update :banana:
File: Ara Broker WeaponBuffer10-24-10
not all poisons show in the list
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i don't see instant poison and deadly poison in the list. Only wound poison and crippling poison show. No errors are generated, they're just not in the list.
File: PvP Flag Broker10-24-10
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Will you be updating so that it works in Cata? It displays in Titan Panel but if you try to use it you get the same error each click. Thanks 1x PvPFlagBroker-1.01\libs\TjQuestLog.lua:67: table index is nil PvPFlagBroker-1.01\libs\TjQuestLog.lua:105: in function PvPFlagBroker-1.01\libs\Tj...
File: ChatBar10-22-10
Originally posted by BigW http://...
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Originally posted by BigW http://www.2shared.com/file/glxk9QsV/ChatBar.html http://www.2shared.com/file/fLrOKjkz/ChatBar.html http://www.2shared.com/file/TvhYaNmW/ChatBar.html http://depositfiles.com/files/gdvfs4tm7 try it :) only the depositfiles.com link works
File: Buff Broker05-23-10
Originally posted by toddimer I t...
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Originally posted by toddimer I think I know what's causing this, and how to fix it. I just don't have the time this week/month so far :( Stay tuned for the next build! No bugs either, but it's telling me I need to buff when I am buffed and I have refresh time set to zero. I tried other timer settings, but it's still tellin...
File: QuestGuru05-02-10
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I get this error occasionally, but I can't say what triggers it as it does not happen consistently. : Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:591: Usage: GameTooltip:SetText("text" ): Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:591: in function : QuestGuru_Tracker-1.4.1\QGT_Quests.lua:480: in func...
File: Buff Broker04-13-10
low level toons
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I have found, need to do more testing tho to complete confirm, that while this will make suggestions for toons not level 80, you cannot click the button to apply the buff. It does work for my lvl 80 priest, but pretty sure didn't work for any of the lower lvl toons that have group buffs. I will get back to you on this.
File: SSS04-01-10
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File: QuestGuru03-27-10
Re: Re: QuestGuru 1.3.3
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Originally posted by thefaeriesgirl but I believe there are a lot more people who would appreciate the change other than me. I use his beta version (version 2) with felstone quest history
File: Possessions (WotLK 3.3)03-27-10
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:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: 'nuff said
File: Blue's AutoEmote03-03-10
Re: First Release
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woot! it's back :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: Titan Panel [Wintergrasp]02-07-10
update version
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the most recent version is only on curse here and it works.
File: Molinari01-03-10
re: "this does not work"
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Originally posted by p3lim I need more information than "this does not work, fix!" well it just doesn't. Alt clicking does nothing. No highlight either. The last version to work for me (and I downgraded back to) is 30300.3-Beta. I've tried all updates since that one and they "don't work." No I've not disabled all 150+ mods to...
File: QuestGuru01-02-10
Re: Re: So a quick recap:
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Originally posted by mrobrian Is there an option somewhere in skinner for quest log text color? It seems odd that it would change it to a color that is so difficult to read. Maybe it's somehow tied into another text color setting or something. Yes and good suggestion. It's under colours, then text body colors. The default is g...
File: QuestGuru01-02-10
So a quick recap:
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Alright Titan Quests and QuestGuru don't play nice together, which isn't a biggie. So a quick recap: titan quests and questguru don't play nice together which among other things causes lighthead not to work properly (no errors are thrown to bugsack) with v2 of questguru skinner changes the font color of the quest log text to...
File: ForteXorcist01-02-10
Re: Re: error from v1.953
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Originally posted by Xus a fix is up now :rolleyes: WOOT! :banana:
File: QuestGuru01-02-10
Ok I disabled all but the error cat...
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Ok I disabled all but the error catcher & questguru. The golden color quest log font color is coming from skinner. Strangely it's only in ver2.0 of questguru, versions 1.x have black. Removing the questguru skin isn't enough, skinner has to be disabled. I'll leave a message for skinner. For lighthead & questguru with only those tu...
File: QuestGuru01-02-10
Originally posted by mrobrian Lig...
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Originally posted by mrobrian LightHeaded works just fine for me. Are you getting any errors or anything? The quest log when using 2.0 is Blizzard's, not mine, and that version doesn't do any colorizing of the quest text. Maybe another addon is installed that is doing it? Lighthead opens. The problem is with what is select...
File: QuestGuru01-01-10
Originally posted by Vidboy New v...
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Originally posted by Vidboy New version does not work with qComments, comments from tracker haven't worked for a while but comments from the questlog worked. Now both are broken. If anyone has a fix please let me know. http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/q-comments-weekly.aspx Lighthead no longer works with it...
File: ForteXorcist01-01-10
error from v1.953
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: Forte_Core-1.953\Forte_Core.lua:1476: Usage: UnitBuff("unit", or ) Forte_Core-1.953\Forte_Core.lua:1476: in function `UnitHasBuff' Forte_Timer\Forte_Timer.lua:2257: in function `f' Forte_Core-1.953\Forte_Core.lua:764: in function Forte_Core-1.953\Forte_Core.lua:1356: in function...
File: QuestGuru10-23-09
Re: Re: errors v1.2
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Originally posted by mrobrian Was this on the Live servers or the PTR? What were you doing when you got the error? Did you just recently upgrade to the latest QuestGuru? I need more information than just the errors.... Are you using any addons that automatically track achievements? Live servers. the errors generate only on...
File: QuestGuru10-17-09
errors v1.2
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: Usage: AddTrackedAchievement(achievementID): : ? : in function `AddTrackedAchievement' QuestGuru_Tracker-1.3\QGT_Achievements.lua:711: in function `QGT_SetAchievements' QuestGuru_Tracker-1.3\QGT_Achievements.lua:108: in function <...erface\AddOns\QuestGuru_Tracker\QGT_Achievements.lua:92> --- : Que...
File: MiniMount09-24-09
errors on latest version
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on my dk I'm getting errors from minimount 2009/09/24 20:22:47-260-x1]: MiniMount-Version\database.lua:281: unfinished long comment near '' --- : MiniMount-Version\main.lua:541: attempt to index global 'MiniMount_Mounts' (a nil value) MiniMount-Version\main.lua:283: in function `MiniMount_GetNextMount' MiniMount-Ver...
File: LFM_Sniffer09-05-09
2 thumbs up
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Cladhaire imo you make some of the best mods. :banana: thank you sir/ma'ma