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File: Reputation Bars04-21-15
Alert at reputation 5999
Posted By: Fimbul_Fambi
I'm looking for an addon that will flash me some kind of alert when one of my reputations hits a cap like 5999. I hate wasting potential rep gains when all I need to do is complete one specific task/quest to get past the cap. Any suggestions?
File: Bookworm11-19-10
Are you still working on that new look?
Posted By: Fimbul_Fambi
Bookworm is one of my add-ons that still works pretty well with 4.0.3 even though it hasn't had an update for a while. But in June I saw that you had posted that you were working on an update that would change the way you could browse/view books - something that I am looking forward to using. TOC update for Cataclysm aside - any in...
File: Recipe Radar11-07-10
Project Appears abandoned
Posted By: Fimbul_Fambi
I attempted to contact jnmiller (ladenedge) on sourceforge and at his web site "cryptofreak.org". I also sent email to the two others listed as "co-contributors" of that web site and, when I got no response, to the email addresses listed as DNS contacts for the web site. My emails simply requested a project status update on any of...
File: Bookworm12-11-09
Love the addon. With this latest pa...
Posted By: Fimbul_Fambi
Love the addon. With this latest patch release (3.3), it seems like many of my favorite addons aren't being maintained anymore. This addon still works but since I use - and it isn't being supported - it makes me nervous that I have never found another addon that does what this one does. If you know of one, please post a note here....