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File: pError08-05-09
Umm. 3.2
Posted By: Competition
Is it me or did they remove the "/perror All" command to hide all Errors? Or am i having a brain fart moment?? ..lol Because i swore there was a command like that before 3.2. Big Red Text of Death is back on my screen now ...>.< haven't to type all the errors names out to hide, now kinda blows.. :mad:
File: Necrosis skin "BOX"05-17-09
I love this skin I must say I can't...
Posted By: Competition
I love this skin I must say I can't use Necrosis without the addition of this awesome Box like skin. I took the liberty to add the missing buttons. I hope they are useful to someone out there. http://www.4shared.com/file/10462669..._Box_Skin.html Thanks to Nerokor for the added buttons skins. __________________________________...
File: Bartender405-17-09
Micro Menu
Posted By: Competition
For some reason i can't see the Micro Menu, when using the Blizzard Vehicle UI. I could before in pass version can't see them now. in 4.3.3.. Any insight on why i can't see this ?
File: aChat05-13-09
Any Update?
Posted By: Competition
this going to get a update for 3.1? seems to be still working 100% tho i seen no bugs yet. just wondering if there is going to be a small update. i made some small changes for my own use. thanks for the chat mod lil better than any others out there i think. and 1st btw! -zak- out.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames05-10-09
Combo Points
Posted By: Competition
i can't see the blizzard combo points. anyone else getting this? i just tested in Maly 25 man didn't see a combo point. edit: I don't see a combo point if i'm targeting myself or anyone else. unless i untarget and retarget them or myself, to see how many combo points i have. seems like there is a bug in the Update combo point...
File: Necrosis skin "BOX"05-08-09
Update the skin Please.
Posted By: Competition
Necrosis now has new buttons any plans on updating ? Edited:if not ill work on some buttons... Edited: Nerokor, has beat me to the missing buttons but i have been working some others if anyone wants them ill posted them later on
File: pError10-14-08
pChat Mod
Posted By: Competition
I know this is pError mod forum here but for some goddang reason i can't send you a PM message so here goes. I got pChat back in 2.4 or so and love it will you be updating that for 3.0? BTW thanks for pError i use it too ..lol
File: _Cursor08-22-08
Posted By: Competition
Thank's best mod ever made for wow YET!.. I was tired of looking at WoW default cursor for pass 3 years.... about time someone made a cursor mod this good. >.> Comp, aka -=SiN=- out.
File: pMinimap07-18-08
Posted By: Competition
Does anyone know they exact name of the clock on the minimap. trying to write a code that will move it around but, having problems fining out the name. Not sure if its "Time Info" Would love to be able to move that suckers around / off the minimap and maybe even scale it up a lil.
File: MacTotemTimer06-21-08
Posted By: Competition
if you haven't noticed Mac the .ToC number is out of date its 20400 hehe thanks for the mod =D no biggie tho i can do it myself but others might not know its out of date. and thanks for the bug fix in the timers. Still can't right click on totem bar to kill totems not sure why you can and i can't, i have try it with no other mod...
File: Necrosis LdC06-21-08
2.4.3 patch
Posted By: Competition
In 2.4.3 patch of WoW this mod is once again broken..lol nothing to big of a deal i don't think. But it is broken tho.
File: Necrosis skin "BOX"06-21-08
umm. question.
Posted By: Competition
Wonder if this skin is going to be broken in 2.4.3 patch since they are taking Curse of Shadow out and putting it with CoE. Anyone know i can't test Nercrosis on test server due to it being broke once again.
File: MacTotemTimer06-20-08
Kill totems?
Posted By: Competition
As all other totem timers out there for some reason you can't right click on icon to kill the totem this not added yet, or there there a other way of doing this? And one more thing bug with icon timers, totem starts to blink even tho you already fresh the timer. (blinks at 2min)
File: Necrosis LdC06-02-08
New Error in v2.2 English version....
Posted By: Competition
New Error in v2.2 English version. Necrosis.lua:908 attempt to index field 'Rank' (a nil value) I been getting this error when i banish. so is mod once again dead with out updates?
File: Omen Threat Meter05-30-08
Error in Omen
Posted By: Competition
I been getting this error in omen everytime i enslave a demon and sometimes it happens on a banish but thats rare. Screen shot here. http://img67.imageshack.us/img67/6742/omenerroroc6.jpg Comp out =D
File: Necrosis LdC04-30-08
@ TBABlackPanther @ isler you g...
Posted By: Competition
@ TBABlackPanther @ isler you guys need to get 2.2 version ether off curse or off here that version should fix your problems. or is 2.4.1 wow patch? or is it the version your using of Necrosis?
File: ShaderMod CritTracker 3.0 Modded04-30-08
Thanks Sky~
Posted By: Competition
Thanks Sky, for keeping mod going you have did so much more than i did in the pass when i had it just wanted to say thanks for keeping the mod going =D SM FTW!!! Shadow, out.. AKA Competition.
File: eCastingBar04-01-08
Originally posted by Meloric Is t...
Posted By: Competition
Originally posted by Meloric Is there going to be a 2.4 update for eCastingBar? Since the patch, I have been receiving errors on some tradeskill tasks completions. I've noticed it specifically with learning a new cooking recipe. The bar shows the task being performed and the time/color counting down but when it finishes, it says...
File: Necrosis LdC03-29-08
Is the mod going to even get update...
Posted By: Competition
Is the mod going to even get update i hope the owner will post something soon about it. hope the mod isnt dead with no updates. ill have to check mean site too and post there.
File: Necrosis LdC03-26-08
Sound went poof after 2.4
Posted By: Competition
Some of this mod broke after 2.4, i know the sounds no longer are working. there is a few other things one of my fav~ addons dangit blizzard !