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File: Prat 3.004-15-09
Any chance of getting a feature add...
Posted By: Stixum
Any chance of getting a feature added to hide the scroll arrows on the sides of the chat box? I've been using CFE because yours doesn't do this, unless it was changed recently.
File: TomTom02-21-09
No Arrow
Posted By: Stixum
I am running TomTom on two compters (dual boxing) with the exact same UI files and settings. I have been using TomTom in conjunction with TourGuide and LightHeaded on both computers. For some reason I can't get the arrows to show up on my main computer, but it will show up on my second computer. I tried removing all the mod files...
File: Chat Frame Extender 205-22-07
Satrina, Am I missing something...
Posted By: Stixum
Satrina, Am I missing something or is the check box to put the edit box back under the chat frame missing? I can't get the edit box to go back to the default location below the chat window while using this. EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't realize that the edit box was draggable now. :p
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-06-06
When I try and right click on the t...
Posted By: Stixum
When I try and right click on the target frame to duel them I get an error saying that is restricted to a blizzard function or something like that. Then it auto loads the blizzard target frame.