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File: WinterTime07-26-09
Level check?
Posted By: Khelkhet
Even though there is an auto-remove lowbie players feature (Which I've not yet had a chance to use), is there a way to have it -not- whisper people who are below a certain level? Today for instance I had a bunch of lowbies /whisper invite, and naturally they all got automatically invited ;D Then we had to go through and remove the...
File: Gem Viewer07-11-09
Posted By: Khelkhet has made my life *so* much easier. Thank you so much ;D I'ev had no troubles with it yet. (Knock on wood ;D) Any chance of the exact same sort of deal, except for Enchant scrolls? ;D
File: TourGuide - Alliance Midsummer Fire Festival Guide06-24-09
Posted By: Khelkhet
In the version posted latest, so far I have two zone typos: Stormpeaks should be Storm Peaks Zuldrak also has a typo that makes it all gobbledegooky. Those are the two I've found so far, only because it says 'can't find zone , using current zone' Thank you for this, by the way ;D
File: TourGuide - The Midsummer Fire Festival06-24-09
Originally posted by Ethan Centaura...
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Originally posted by Ethan Centaurai And I don't think I'll be doing guides for every event, as some are very simple. :) I'll stick with just the Lunar Festival and the Midsummer Festival for now as they require a lot of traveling. But but but I'm laaaazy! ;)
File: TourGuide - The Midsummer Fire Festival06-24-09
Typos, and thanks
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Terokkar Forest is typo'd, another one was as well but I lost my list I was keeping track on. bah! Also, thank you for this. I will hug you and pet you and love you and call you George, especially if you make these for all the events.
File: XIL: Xedd's Inscription List11-27-08
Very helpful
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Hah, this addon has been a major help for me in my inscribing. Partly because I have a DK who is the herbalist, and a low-level rogue is my inscriber--and it's great to be able to say 'Okay, my rogue needs to make BLAH Ink, and these are the herbs she needs!' ;D Looking forward to an update for the Northrend herbs! So far, nothing sh...