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File: Pet Battle Quality Glow09-28-12
Updated for Pandaria Release, Finally
Posted By: Emberdawn
Sorry for the long delay, I've been so swamped with work I haven't even had time to play MoP since it's release, hopefully this weekend. The Add-On should no longer be flagged out of date. I have also implemented the Death Grip Pet Swap fix by Nullberri (thank you very much for that). @ryken342: I hadn't thought of adding in the P...
File: Pet Battle Quality Glow07-26-12
Thank you for the feedback, I've up...
Posted By: Emberdawn
Thank you for the feedback, I've uploaded a new version to fix the sPetName (a nil value) error, as well as adjusted the Glow Overlay to fit better.
File: Ion Action Bars07-21-12
Re: Re: Re: Re: special skills not working
Posted By: Emberdawn
A simple solution: In Macro Form, run the macro whenever you logon (or after a UI reload) /run ExtraActionBarFrame:SetParent(UIParent) /run ExtraActionBarFrame.SetParent = function() end In LUA Form (my preference), this can be placed in a simple Addon LUA file, no frame or events or functions, just the 2 lines. ExtraActionBarFr...