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File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows07-30-08
Don't know if it is included in you...
Posted By: Hic
Don't know if it is included in your rework, but... I did a simple java program (I notice this one is in java too) that uses google to attempt and retrieve the "info number" (actually, i retrieved the whole URL and I copy pasted it) from all the addons I have (it also did a lot more than that). If you're interested in the crawl...
File: TuringTest AFK Reporter04-17-08
Don't know if you read this for bug...
Posted By: Hic
Don't know if you read this for bug reports, but... I've reported myself more than once when I was defending the horde base (inbetween the two towers). I think the addon's "defence zone" ain't big enough, if enough people use it I won't get credit for balinda (while I'm defending).
File: LightHeaded03-26-08
Posted By: Hic
r214 is working for me now, thx :) EDIT: btw, any way to only load the data for my faction and current level like the old one used to do? Not that it bothers me all that much, but I like to keep wow as "light" as possible since my computer ain't that great. Still, awesome addon that has helped me through, at least, 3 70's. Cou...