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File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar04-28-10
Could you please help me, how to mo...
Posted By: Seopthi
Could you please help me, how to modify quartz so it works only when polymorph is casted? I want to have shown only focus bar for polymorphs only, so I can swd them..I was trying to modify .lua for like an hour and I can't get it work.. Thank you
File: TinyTip07-10-09
Posted By: Seopthi
Hi, is there any option, how can I add titles in names? I'd like to see 'Gladiator' before name for example in the tooltip. There is option to do this in CowTip putting ] then ClassColor end) NameRealm:pvprank] instead of normal name, but I'd like to use rather TinyTip. Can you help me how to edit .lua to reflect this? Thanks.
File: SpellAlerter05-11-09
arrow color
Posted By: Seopthi
Hello, I would really like to change color of the arrow. Is it possible somehow? (.lua edit?) Thanks a lot for responses
File: Natur Enemy Castbar02-09-09
T/F option
Posted By: Seopthi
Heyhou, my problem is, that I see only my targets timers:| not even focus'. Because of that, Im forced to use Afflicted, but I like Natur more,, but I cant use it without seeing all timers in arena :| Can you help me somehow pls ? love, seo
File: Power Auras Classic10-07-08
Hi, can you please help me with on...
Posted By: Seopthi
Hi, can you please help me with one issue which i didnt solve? Is there way, how can I make 'aura' only for one specifict party member? (partymember1 etc..) Or is it possible to put it somewhere like eepanel thru child/parent? and second.. is it possible to make aura visible when i cast that buff on somebody whos not in my target?...