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File: Parrot05-15-08
Re: Broken in 2.4
Posted By: sdliddo
Originally posted by Efimerlin Great Addon, however 2.4 has broken the attack data somehow, all i get now is the status text rising above my chars head, the damage in the parabola effect has gone completely. Hey guys... just found this: http://files.wowace.com/Parrot/ Just scroll WAAAY down to get the updated version. Se...
File: HealBot Continued03-26-08
Healbot Blues
Posted By: sdliddo
hmmm. correcting my problem or inquiry since i cant seem to find the answer I can seem to heal now long as the peeps are in my party and in combat. is there an option in healbot that allows me to heal anyone as long as i click on them?