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File: MayronUI Gen412-02-13 This the...
Posted By: Gadzooks This the same issue. Moved WoW to C:\, but no difference. Im having this same problem Brand new computer, ZERO mods installed ever. Followed the instructions for MayronUI, and got pretty much what you see in the screenshot. WoW is installed on D, I dont install anything but system files on C....
File: dNamePlates03-22-11
Originally posted by Dawn Non-tar...
Posted By: Gadzooks
Originally posted by Dawn Non-targeted plates should be less visible, too. :) Two quick questions 1. How do we change the alpha/transparency of these less visible target bars? I want them even more less visible. 2. Is it possible to make all bars when nothing is targeted, to be the same "less visible" value as the non-tar...
File: RealUI 802-11-11
Lite install
Posted By: Gadzooks
Id love a "lite" version of this UI. One that just contained the custom Pitbull/Icehud/RealUi stuff in the middle of the screen. Ive been quite happy with all of my other mods for bars, radar, buffs, damage meters, etc.
File: Raven01-06-11
default raven bar hiding
Posted By: Gadzooks
Couldnt find it in any of the options. I enabled the minimap button, how do I get rid of/hide the larger button labeled "Raven" that sits on my screen where ever i drag it?
File: Dominos10-17-10
Think its possible to get a check b...
Posted By: Gadzooks
Think its possible to get a check box option for the linked bar opacity? I like how bars "stick" together, allows me to stack 2 or 3 on top of each other evenly. However, Ive never wanted all the stacked bars to behave the same way. I usually make the top bar fade, leave just the bottom 2. Trying to line up multiple bars on to...
File: Dominos10-17-10
So i was fooling around with the se...
Posted By: Gadzooks
So i was fooling around with the settings more. Bar 3 is the one that wont fade out. So I tested fading on bar 1, and low and behold, any settings i changed on bar one, caused all bars to act the same. So the 3 visible bars (1-3) that were on my screen, now all faded out when i moved my mouse off of them, all in sequence as if they w...
File: Dominos10-17-10
Bars that used to fade completely w...
Posted By: Gadzooks
Bars that used to fade completely when the mouse wasnt over them, now dont do it. Fade opacity set to 0. Regular opacity set to 100. Basically, I wanted a bar that would only show up when my mouse was over it. Worked 2 versions ago, the last 2 versions (.7 and .7b) both seemed to break this functionality. Now the bar is always vis...
File: Dominos10-17-10
bars fading still dont seem to work...
Posted By: Gadzooks
bars fading still dont seem to work at all since the latest 1.19.7b update
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-15-10
MSBT and the new fire mage Combustion
Posted By: Gadzooks
Just looking for some tips or advice from any msbt pro's out there. Id like msbt to pop up an alert (ie: trigger) any time it detects that the target has multiple debuffs/spells on it at the same time. Namely: 1. Ignite 2. Living Bomb 3. Pyroblast! Those are the names that show up on the debuff icons on the targets unit...
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-09-09
Impact and Hot Streak are two more...
Posted By: Gadzooks
Impact and Hot Streak are two more that arent being reported anymore
File: Minimap Button Frame12-08-09
I get about 25 error messages when...
Posted By: Gadzooks
I get about 25 error messages when i log in with patch 3.3 all related to this mod. It still semi works, but its obviously having issues. Great mod, only one really like it. Hope to see it stay alive
File: lcLoot11-11-09
Anyone switch to this from the xloo...
Posted By: Gadzooks
Anyone switch to this from the xloot mods? Im curious to hear opinions if you are
File: tomQuest208-29-09
Collapse individual quest details
Posted By: Gadzooks
Another suggestion (taken from nquestlog) The ability to collapse down individual quest details. Its nice being able to collapse and shrink down quests by zone, so you dont have to look at Desolace quests if you are in STV. What also would be nice is the ability to shrink/collapse specific quest details in a zone. Many ti...
File: tomQuest208-28-09
Simple mode
Posted By: Gadzooks
Might I suggest a "Simple mode" option One that simply displays the quest tracker, like the original WoW one (but with all the font/size customization that this mod offers over it. I came from using nquestlog, which did just that, and integrated nicely with Lightheaded (which this mod also does nicely). However, this mod has TO...
File: tomQuest208-27-09
2 errors
Posted By: Gadzooks
im getting this error when i log in since the last update Copy and pasted the whole error, not sure if that was needed. Message: Interface\AddOns\tomQuest2\core.lua:534: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Time: 08/27/09 00:13:09 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\tomQuest2\core.lua:53...
File: Livestock08-15-09
Random vanity pet timer summon
Posted By: Gadzooks
I used to use Nugminipet mod for handling my mini pet summons. It would randomly pick from a list of pets i had, and it gave one option that I see missing from Livestock. I could set a time limit, that would resummon a new mini pet. That way, if I had it set to 5 minutes, it would auto summon a new pet for me, replacing the old...
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-13-09
I updated to the latest msbt, like...
Posted By: Gadzooks
I updated to the latest msbt, like I always do. Didnt change any settings. I no longer see any damage I do, any damage I receive, or any heals I do, or heals on myself. Ive read through and seen other similar posts, partial heals are enabled, i dont have heals throttled for spam at all, and they are check in the events tab.
File: tomQuest207-14-09
achievement error
Posted By: Gadzooks
Getting errors non stop with the achievement tracker while in Cleansing of Strat instance. I think it may have to do with the "kill 100 in 1 minute" achievement. Started happening after we didnt manage to kill 100 in 1 minutes time. Had to totally disable the achievement tracker to make it stop throwing errors
File: QuestHelper06-11-09
Re: Re: unwanted tracking arrow.
Posted By: Gadzooks
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut Right-click it, choose "hide". Alternatively, "/qh arrow". Right clicking the arrow does nothing. However, /qh arrow turns it on or off fine. thanks.
File: QuestHelper06-10-09
unwanted tracking arrow.
Posted By: Gadzooks
With the latest update, a tracker arrow has showed up in the upper left of the screen. I use tomtom, which i disabled, and the arrow still shows up. How can i turn this tracking arrow off?
File: Bartender404-14-09
Microbar is losing 2 buttons
Posted By: Gadzooks
For some reason, since the latest Bartender update, my microbar is missing two buttons. The LFG button, and the questlog button. If i go into the settings and uncheck "enable" for the micromenu, and then recheck it, the buttons appear again. Then they go away the next time I zone, reload ui, or log out. It seemed to only do it whe...
File: Outfitter03-21-09
While everyone is entitled to their...
Posted By: Gadzooks
While everyone is entitled to their own opinion and actions, I do find it ironic that the author of 2 addons that blizzard is/has replaced with their own ingame functionality (ie: the calendar and the upcoming 3.1 equipment manager) is the first to pull their mods from development in protest of the "cant charge money" policy. Would b...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-17-08
Cooldown text color
Posted By: Gadzooks
For the life of me I cant figure out how to change the color of the text for the cooldowns. The "%e" portion always results in showing the skill name in red. Anything else I put around the %e, such as or -= %e =- can be controlled via the color chooser. Any tips?
File: TomTom04-28-08
Posted By: Gadzooks
Interface\Addons\TomTom\TomTom_waypoints.lua:75: attempt to perform an arithmetic on a local 'angle' (a nil value) Loaded TomTom for the first time. No error. Played a bit, had it do the arrow waypoint thing in shadowmoon valley, for 3 seperate locations (at the same time). I flew to one and before i got to the point, the a...
File: LightHeaded04-10-08
Error after clicking badly typed coords
Posted By: Gadzooks
Clicking coords such as works fine. However, ive found that if I click on coords that look like the following: then every coord i click after, that, gives an error.