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File: SheepMonitor08-18-11
Hex and Bind Elements for shaman
Posted By: reddragn
I found a bug for classes with multiple forms of cc only one form registers...ie shamans using bind elemental and hex in 1 fight. BTW both work just one shows. I have had several players wanting to know what this addon is because they like the announcements and the timer countdown.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced12-18-10
Missing recipes
Posted By: reddragn
I noticed that a few of the professions aren't updated with the new recipes. Don't know if it is an oversight or if you just have not found them to do the update but a good website that is usually up-to-date on recipes for all professions is http://wow.crafterstome.com/home.html. BTW I love the add on. :banana:
File: DailyOMatic10-12-08
I found 2 daily quests it doesnt't...
Posted By: reddragn
I found 2 daily quests it doesnt't work for. The bootarang quest for the Netherwing and the flayer gland.