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File: ButtonFacade: LiteFlat05-02-09
OmniCC CD timers are not showing wh...
Posted By: lucajal
OmniCC CD timers are not showing when i use this skin, what am I doing wrong? Any help is apreciated, ty in advance :) L.
File: RatingBuster02-05-09
Hi :) Dont know if its me, but m...
Posted By: lucajal
Hi :) Dont know if its me, but my spirit is not broken down into SD, MP5, etc. Any1 else have this prob? Ty for any help :D
File: TipTac12-05-08
Originally posted by Aezay lucaja...
Posted By: lucajal
Originally posted by Aezay lucajal Thanks for reporting this, I don't use mouse anchor myself, so I would never have found out. It's now fixed. Pdps Disable, or just don't install the TipTacTalents addon. Naberius DogTags is no "simple feature" as you call it, as far as I've heard, they are the reason it uses so much memor...
File: TipTac12-04-08
Hi and ty for the new version :D...
Posted By: lucajal
Hi and ty for the new version :D I have a problem when I try to set different anchor points for units and non-unit frames: if I select "mouse" for non-unit frames also all the unit ones appear near the mouse :( Any1 else have this problem? And is there some solution? TY in advance
File: FuBar - LuckyCharms11-09-08
Re: Re: Strange error
Posted By: lucajal
Originally posted by Vrul I put a new version up that should correct the error. Please let me know if it still exists or you find any more. Works perfectly :D Thank you very much. U have been great.
File: FuBar - LuckyCharms11-08-08
Strange error
Posted By: lucajal
Hi! Today I got the following error while a member of the group (not me, the leader) tried to mark a mob: Date: 2008-11-08 20:50:11 ID: 51 Error occured in: Global Count: 8 Message: ..\AddOns\FuBar_LuckyCharms\Sync.lua line 150: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) Debug: Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0...
File: TipTac11-06-08
New TipTac and MobInfo
Posted By: lucajal
Hi Aezay :) As I said earlier, I love this addon, but the new version does not work with MobInfo. Any chance u could look into the problem? Anyway, great work here and ty for all your effort :D
File: TipTac11-05-08
Does not work with MobInfo
Posted By: lucajal
Originally posted by Aezay A note regarding today's update. As it now works completely different than before, you may see some glitches, please report any you see. So far I am aware about fadeout not working properly, and extra lines being overwritten if they update. This actually hurts TipTacTalents, but I am working on a fix....
File: Bongos303-27-08
Cant bind keys
Posted By: lucajal
Hello! I hope some1 can help me: I cant seem to bind localized keys (such as ) to the action buttons. When im in binding mode, bongos accepts the key bindings (and it shows them in the pop-up window), but when i exit binding mode and try to use the action by pressing the keys, nothing happens. :confused: This happens only with l...