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File: BuffHUD02-03-09
Great add-on! Took me a while to se...
Posted By: Figgs
Great add-on! Took me a while to set it up the way I like (help text wasn't too detailed) but now I cannot live without it! GUI will definitely help a lot in that respect. Something similar to how MSBT configures scroll areas would be perfect.
File: DoubleWide04-22-08
Quest title list overflows frame
Posted By: Figgs
I've got a problem using this, I think it started since 2.4 update, and has persisted with current version of DoubleWide. I'm using the zhTW client. I'm using DoubleWide + LightHeaded. Normally when there are more quests in the left-hand side quest title list than the quest log frame can fit, we can scroll down to show more of the...
File: LightHeaded03-28-08
Posted By: Figgs
Using this on the zhtw client, works really nicely. Tried it once back in the 2.2 days and it wasn't working properly, but I've wanted to use this since then. Now if only my Cartographer will show my quest objectives like it did before the patch... Anyways, great job!