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File: Nameplates Modifier03-03-10
Nameplate Visibility Status?
Posted By: Genkitty
Really dumb question, but what does toggling 'Show Nameplate Visibility Status' actually do? I'm not seeing an immediate difference.
File: LootWatch03-03-10
Lootwatch Tracker frame misbehaving
Posted By: Genkitty
This is a preliminary bug report, I'll be doing some testing in the next few days to narrow down what's going on. The tracker frame resets to the center of the screen when I disable and then re-enable Lootwatch. It's one of a handful of addons that does this and I'd like to know why it doesn't remember its settings while 95% of m...
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat03-03-10
Originally posted by vikkyne Limi...
Posted By: Genkitty
Originally posted by vikkyne Limits on how many ppl we can ignore, aren't there? Not sure, but thought so. IgnoreMore ( http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5186.html ) fixes the ignore limit :)
File: QuestClicks03-03-10
Position Reset after disable/enable?
Posted By: Genkitty
Can you shed light on why QC resets its position every time I disable and re-enable the addon? It's one of a handful that do this and it drives me nuts. :(
File: Reputation Bars02-05-10
Feature Request
Posted By: Genkitty
I like this addon a lot, because I like seeing multiple reps at the same time onscreen. My request is to be able to turn off numbers on the static bars, allowing me to have the bar and the faction name and only that. Bonus would be numbers appearing on mouseover. This is not a major deal, mind you :)
File: Shadowed Unit Frames07-01-09
Anchoring fixed!!
Posted By: Genkitty
Yay! I updated, logged in, and my player frame is properly anchored!! Thank you!
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-25-09
Player Frame loses alignment on ui load
Posted By: Genkitty
I'll start off by saying I absolutely love this addon. I upgraded to v20090624 and immediately noticed that every time I load/reload the ui, my Player frame has lost its docking position. Normally it is anchored to the Target frame, Left Center, 0/0 offset. When it bugs out, the Player frame overlaps the Target frame, both left...