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File: Altoholic10-21-14
I can confirm demanl 's issue with...
Posted By: jakgrant
I can confirm demanl 's issue with dara store achievement is giving an error. For the moment I've just disabled that and the altoholic Achievements module.
File: LUI v311-30-12
Hi, Recently come back to WOW, w...
Posted By: jakgrant
Hi, Recently come back to WOW, well got 1 and a bit days left of a MoP trial but then I'm resubbing. Been using this LUI since I started the trial. Found no issues with it til I logged my 34 warrior, and it seems there is some sort of bug with the vengeance bar. I get what's listed below. I assume it's just a couple of lines of co...
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)06-21-10
Minimap Icons....
Posted By: jakgrant
Firstly, Welcome back Elloria :) Need some thoughts on what the LFD/Dungeon Finder Icon is sitting under. I can't find it, to move it. I'm assuming it's in the south west, but that gets covered up by the calendar and the macaroon icon. I can't seem to highlight it. If you have any thoughts on it, please let me know :)
File: Producer06-23-09
Addon looks nice, but....
Posted By: jakgrant
like a few people who have posted comments, I've also looked through all the lua files and the like, but not gone through the libs. Is there anyway whether you want to implement it or just mention where we might be able to change it, the font really is pretty small to read for some people. If I knew what to edit I'd do it myself :-/...
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)04-23-09
Where is the tracking button on the minimap ?
Posted By: jakgrant
I'll probably find it sometime tonight, but any suggestions where that is attached on the minimap ?
File: Dailies Quest Tracker08-12-08
Time error
Posted By: jakgrant
There is, well not a big one, but a time difference and time zone issues, with this addon, but only for the first hour after dailies have reset on Khaz'goroth, where the reset time is 3 am Australian Eastern Standard Time and that is also server time for Khaz'goroth, since it's one of the oceanic servers. Since, I have FuBar insta...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window03-31-08
Problem with leatherworking
Posted By: jakgrant
Unlike an earlier version I used of ATSW, where all the LW-ing stuff was set up into "correct" categories. There is an issue with the new ATSW, for leather armour, and leather that you make into rugged hide, heavy leather, etc, both have leather as their headings, so if you keep one open and close the window, and then reopen it, it o...