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File: MoveAnything10-18-08
Re: New Version
Posted By: Kiriana
Just one question how do you remove the changes this addon does since it completely messed up my UI and for some reason My backpack button is now twice the size of the other bag buttons and cant get it selected for resize with out rezising all so how to eithe rezis a single button or remove all changes that this apparent beta mod...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-06-08
Xperl and Clique
Posted By: Kiriana
Does anyone know if its possible to get clique to recognise the xperl raid frames been tryin to add them manually but cant seem to get that to work everything works fine with the groups in xperl but once it switches to a raid nothing works :-(
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-30-08
Just a question
Posted By: Kiriana
It says the mod here is clique compatible but does that also include the raid frames since everything is working fine for group part but clique doesnt pick up the raid frames just wondering if its a bug setting or just not supported