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File: ViksUI01-19-14
Problem with Clicking in Pet Spellbook
Posted By: JReesh
Ok, I've turned off the ViksUI skinning of the Blizzard windows because the Viks ones are too dark. On my Hunter, when I go into my pet spellbook to try to right-click talents to have my pet autocast, I get a pop-up stating "ViksUI has been blocked from and action only availabe to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reloa...
File: ViksUI12-21-13
My chat windows are screwed up on o...
Posted By: JReesh
My chat windows are screwed up on one of my toons. I tried /uireset but it doesn't do anything, so I went into viksui config window and clicked reset ui and it did, but the chat windows are still the same. I don't have Prat installed. Can you help me get my chat windows cleaned up?
File: ViksUI11-24-13
Adding Timestamps to Chat
Posted By: JReesh
I like to have timestamps next to my chat lines. Is there an easy way to do this, or an add on I can get that will do it for me? When I switch to general chat, I like to know what's new and what's old by looking at the timestamps.
File: ViksUI02-19-13
ViksUI crashing WoW on only 1 character
Posted By: JReesh
I am able to log into all of my characters but one, my Shaman. When I disable all the addons I can log into WoW on my Shaman with no problems. When I load up ONLY ViksUI it crashes again. I enabled ALL the addons, but turned off ViksUI and it is able to load so it's apparently an issue with ViksUI on that character only. Any suggesti...
File: ViksUI11-11-12
Getting an error message from the Friends panel
Posted By: JReesh
When I click on the Friends panel at the top to try to do an invite of my online friends I get the following error message: Message: Interface\AddOns\ViksUI\Datatext\Friend.lua:259: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Time: 11/11/12 15:27:09 Count: 1 Stack: : ? : in function `format' Interface\AddOns\ViksUI\D...
File: GrimUI01-29-12
Where is the tracking button
Posted By: JReesh
Where do I find the tracking menu? The button is not on the minimap. I like to turn off and on items to be tracked, but cannot find the menu.
File: GrimUI01-06-12
How do I turn off the autorepair feature?
Posted By: JReesh
How do I turn off the autorepair feature? It keeps using guild funds and there are many times where I use my own money to repair. I cannot find the feature to turn this off.
File: GrimUI11-12-11
How do I turn off the autorepair feature
Posted By: JReesh
I want to turn off the auto repair feature in GrimUI. How do I do that? I don't see any way in the UI. Can you tell me how to change the source code to do it. I find it clunky without the ability to turn off the guild repair feature, so I am using something else and would like to turn off the Grim one. Thanks.