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File: TitanOutfitter01-22-09
Two modules, both bugged
Posted By: elvaen
Outfitter 4.4b3 TitanOutfitter 4.4 When browsing through the titan modules available TitanOutfitter is listed twice. Each of them are working slightly differently: Interface > Outfitter <-- tooltip works, but changing equipment does not. General > Outfitter <-- tooltip doesn't work, but you can change equipment I've double...
File: Bongos305-29-08
How do you bind items from the spel...
Posted By: elvaen
How do you bind items from the spellbook to keystrokes? According to the wiki this is possible. Bindings mode is where it is possible to set hotkeys for all action bars, the pet bar, the class bar, the macro menu, and the spell book. But I can't for the life of me get it to work... I'm using version 1.3.