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File: SimplePowerBar11-22-14
Having problems with this not showi...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Having problems with this not showing Appexis Crystal daily quests/garrison quests or any general questing power bar? Any solutions? Not entirely sure, could you link me to the wowhead quest links and I can have a gander.
File: SLDataText11-11-14
Hi, I've got an issue with the a...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hi, I've got an issue with the addon, every time I set up the Data texts on a character, my other characters' settings are reset, and as you can imagine, it's extremely frustrating. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks. Could you post your saved variables??
File: QuickQuestItem11-03-14
Just wanted to say thanks for creat...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Just wanted to say thanks for creating and making this addon available. I was hatin' it for a while there when the patch hit and my macro quit working. So uh... Thanks! No problem! Such a simple addon like this really helps a lot during questing.
File: QuickQuestItem10-30-14
Hi, I couldn't find the QQI_MACRO c...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hi, I couldn't find the QQI_MACRO created anywhere, so I created an empty macro with this name. But now it says "no global macro space" even though there is plenty. Character space for macros is non left though, because of other addons. Hmm I'll look into it when I can, I'm currently on my birthday vacation!
File: !SyLevel_Bagnon10-27-14
Got this on Patch 6.0.2 Should b...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Got this on Patch 6.0.2 Should be fixed. Bagnon had removed an API function which I've now simply created and included within the addon.
File: MerchantFilterButtons10-26-14
Just a fantastic addon, the simplic...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Just a fantastic addon, the simplicity of the idea behind this addon is what makes it just great. It is a perfect example of what should be built into the game instead of the horrid drop down menu. It's one of those addons that I place in the category entitled "Betterment of Life" which rates in the top 5 of that category for me alon...
File: GuildRosterButtons10-26-14
Re: Guild XP
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Because guild leveling was removed as of 6.0.2, I'm not sure the guild activity weekly/total XP tabs will be of much use. Thanks for updating though:) I've updated it there as well just takes some time for it to be approved.
File: !SyLevel10-26-14
pls support for adibags, each time...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
pls support for adibags, each time i relog i ve to activate it again I've recently posted to a ticket regarding the proper implementation of SyLevel into Adibags: Should it be included in the next release, all functionality...
File: !SyLevel10-25-14
Suggestions that i would love -O...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Suggestions that i would love -Only show ilvl in gear (not trade goods, etc) - Show ilvl in roll frames And amazing addon keep up the work :) You can filter your item levels to have to be above a certain level. If you keep it over say 400 or so that should do just what you're wanting. iLvl in roll frames is a possibility.
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?10-23-14
I appreciate you taking the time to...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I appreciate you taking the time to update this!
File: SLDataText10-23-14
Is there no option to select existi...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Is there no option to select existing profiles? Rather than just copy? Its a bit confusing. As the addon is currently set up, the proper functions are not named properly or made available. I'm still working on a rewrite for the addon and the options will be completely redone.
File: !SyLevel10-20-14
Re: Void Storage not working
Posted By: suicidalkatt
1x SyLevel\pipes\voidstorage.lua:8: Usage: GetVoidItemInfo(tab, slot) : in function `GetVoidItemInfo' SyLevel\pipes\voidstorage.lua:8: in function (tail call): ? (tail call): ? : in function `TurnOrActionStop' :4: in function <:1> ~snipe~ Thanks I'll look into it.
File: SLDataText10-20-14
Thank you very much for the update!...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Thank you very much for the update! Also looking for the Guild & Friends module. They don't seem to be loading. By typing either of these into chat: /sldt Guild /sldt Friends Options should become available. Simply check the enable box.
File: !SyLevel10-20-14
Re: Adibags and SyLevel
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Adibags has built in a checkbox to use SyLevel as the tool to display the iLvls instead of the build-in tool in Adibags. The Sylevel option is more desirable since it displays it many other places. Adibags only displays the iLvls in bags. Anyway, I get the same issues as the original poster. Thanks. I love the addon. I se...
File: BLPNG Converter10-20-14
Re: Version 2.3 is up
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Found a stupid bug that resulted in a silent failure if the BLP file's extension wasn't lower case. No error would appear in the log, and no PNG file would be created. This has been fixed. Strange :P
File: Clean Icons - Crisp10-18-14
Hi ! I've installed this addon but...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hi ! I've installed this addon but that doesn't seem to work. :( I have put the folder ICONS under Interface as specified. Thanks If you're looking at the 'In Mouse' icon, this is handled by the client rather differently vs anywhere else. Also the addon your using automatically clips the edge of the icons and completely removes...
File: Masque: Clean Icons10-18-14
I think it's time to update + updat...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I think it's time to update + update the "Сlean icons:Thin" Oh, thanks for the heads up....:rolleyes:
File: SLDataText10-18-14
October 17, 2014 - v6.0.01 -- * Sui...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
October 17, 2014 - v6.0.01 -- * Suicidal Katt update * -ToC Updated to 6.0.2 patch -Ace3 Libs updated. -Guild and Friends modules have now been included into the addon (localizations updated). -Guild module and Friends modules have been drastically improved, welcome back class colors!
File: SLDataText10-17-14
I understand that it is no longer b...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I understand that it is no longer being maintained but was wondering if anyone was having this issue with durability. Nectary, I feel like you're not using the current version. The durability module was removed and replaced with the "Armor" module.
File: !OverSimplified10-17-14
new difficultyID 15 flex heroic...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
new difficultyID 15 flex heroic mode 14 flex normal mode 16 mythic mode 17 seems new id for lfr flex Thank you for this I'll be sure to implement these changes for my update.
File: SLDataText10-17-14
Re: Updated Guild and Core
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I have fixed the guild module and will be setting up a link for it. I would like to take over maintaining this addon if the author will approve. If not then I will fork it and start up a new version. I can update this with whatever fixes necessary in the mean time while I've been working on a new remake of this addon.
File: Clean Icons - Cold10-16-14
any plan to update :eek: Absolut...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
any plan to update :eek: Absolutely just going down my priority list first.
File: Clean Icons - Thin10-15-14
Re: Cant open rar file
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Hello! When i open the zip file, it gives me the error "Unexpected end of Archive" and when I try to extract it, it doesnt let me, giving me an error. please help! Please try redownloading the package. It's quite possible it may have been interrupted.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates - Alpha Update10-15-14
I can't find the option to display...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
I can't find the option to display selected debuffs over enemy nameplates anymore. Has it been removed with this version? It's under widgets, "aura widget" just make sure you're using the correct filtering at the bottom.
File: Tidy Plates Beta10-15-14
Mouseover highlight seems to not be...
Posted By: suicidalkatt
Mouseover highlight seems to not be functioning, then again even the default nameplates no longer have a highlight function. I have noticed a way you can detect the changes (idk if this was possible before patch). The name color changes on the default frame from white to yellow. I'm not sure exactly why but my implementation of th...