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File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-02-08
Re: Re: Target hit indicators
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Originally posted by Mascarpwn I think Zeksie has his hands full atm with many other issues. I have simply gone back to using the 2.3.9b version and turned off the GR feature. Everything still works just fine for me. Able to see Dodge/Parry/Miss, hits on my targeted frame, my heals as well as other raid members heals. You're righ...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-30-08
Target hit indicators
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>>Changed: Target frame hit indicator now only shows YOUR hits/heals against the target and focus units. Is there any option to revert this back to showing all? As a healer for some fights I found it very handy to watch the combat text on certain fights over the health bars as the text typically updates quicker. Seeing 'Dodge/Pa...