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File: LightHeaded01-06-15
Re: LightHeaded / Carbonite 6 (Rythal) collision
Posted By: Haggisdog
When running these 2 addons, there is a 1+ minute startup freeze and a 2-second stutter. As I am a fan of this addon (anyone that can suck data from WoWhead deserves props), would you and Rythal mind coming to a resolution? I just installed Lightheaded and I'm getting the same 1+ minute freeze on startup.
File: LightHeaded01-05-15
Does LightHeaded support WoD?
Posted By: Haggisdog
No, I need to run the parse. I'm working on it, thanks! Is the parsing completed and if not is there a date it will be available?
File: Cellular09-08-12
Bug with Reply for RealID characters
Posted By: Haggisdog
I'm seeing the same bug that others have reported. It seems the latest update has introduced a small bug that prevents you from replying to a whisper by pressing R if the person is also a RealId friend. I have seen this happen consistently on several computers and it is new to the latest patch. The workaround is to use /tell or cli...
File: LightHeaded05-15-11
Re: Re: Curse Download
Posted By: Haggisdog
Originally posted by Cladhaire Long story short, because currently I choose to host it on wowinterface.com exclusively. I've gone through my reasons for that before, but that's not terribly important. As for searching, I am not currently aware of a way to have my addon listed at Curse but not have any files for download and have...
File: LightHeaded05-14-11
Curse Download
Posted By: Haggisdog
This is a great addon and I'm glad I donated since I use it all the time. However, why is this not available from the Curse download site? I suspect there's some overhead of maintaining the addon on different sites but it's a pretty frequently used WoW addon site and having it updated through their Curse client would be valuabl...