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File: Discord Unit Frames04-05-13
Help needed ....
Posted By: Cococalm
How do you get the UI to look like your screenshot .... the portraits in 3D and the health bar etc like columns next to them ? Thank you
File: UIM:ComboPoints08-22-09
mise jour ??
Posted By: Cococalm
MIse jour prevu pour 3.2 ?? le Addon fonctionne mais je dois repossitionner la barre a chacque log-in. aucun profil n'est retenu.
File: BadPlayer08-10-09
Posted By: Cococalm
Now here is a MOD that starts to turn this game into a JOB ..... :mad: since when was this game created to be the domain of ONLY the high and mighty who have no life, geared to the max ... prolly off bought gold to boot .... and so on? Please think before you start having mods that end up by discriminating against players...
File: UberQuest04-16-09
Re: not here
Posted By: Cococalm
Any solutions to your problem ?? I also have the stupid standard Blizz quest frame ...... please help Originally posted by Grilor I does not work for me. and i REALLY hate the default Qeust/objective tracker :( EDIT: I just deleted the UQ folder and the /WTF files and reinstalled it and all i get is the default Blizzard Qu...
File: Auctioneer11-22-08
Post Auctions
Posted By: Cococalm
Hi, Just need some help - The old version had the option to post several of the same items at the same time instead of having to post each idividually. Has this feature been rewritten and I have not found it or has this been scrapped. It is very tedious posting 30 x Stack of Runecloth - once each - thirty times. thx sore...